Best Tulsa Botox | do you want to look 10 years longer in one day?

At Revitalize Medical Spa we are beyond the Best Tulsa Botox you can receive. We know for a fact that one day we can change your life around. We have free personalized consultations from a licensed physician to give you a customized treatment plant is based specifically on your needs. Whenever you come in for Botox in your first time you can have 10 free units of free Botox injections for your visit. You can just know that you’re going to be open or see the best care possible because all the five star ratings and reviews online. You can see time and time again we’ve costly health all of our customers receive complete satisfaction with everything they did with us. Just know that whenever you have any skincare needs Revitalize Medical Spa is the only person you need to come see.

Even though we are the Best Tulsa Botox girls can after realize that we have amazing skincare products as well. We’ve hired to dermatologists from Stanford University and Lindsay Blankenship and Crista Hobbs. Both of these dermatologists are absolutely phenomenal in their industry and all they want to do is bring dermatology inspired skincare to as many people as possible. We proudly offer only Rodin and Fields skin care exclusively. The reason for this is because both of our physicians assistants at work in the medical spa industry have use Rodin in fields and have had astronomical results. We want to make sure that every single time our client picks up a skincare product are going to see the same results as them and be insanely satisfied.

Best Tulsa Botox is not the only thing were amazing at a company name. You can also expect to have amazing permanent makeup to be able to put on you as well. Your makeup is going to be done from the second that you wake up in the morning on Wednesday go to bed. There’s no more having to wake up an hour early to make sure you’re ready on time for worker to go hang out with your friends. Just know that you can have a free consultation to see if eyeliner eyeshadow or even lipstick is something that you’d want to do with us.

Also don’t forget to check out our micro blading technology for your eyebrows as well. Many people take a lot of time to their eyebrows every single day to make sure they look pristine whenever they leave the house. However with the micro blading technology that we use on people’s eyebrows you’re going to be looking absolutely flawless from the second you wake up so when you go to bed. Micro blading is a semipermanent eyebrow construction adds pigment your skin to enhance the look of your eyes and make you lick even more beautiful from the second that you wake up.

If you’d like to reach Revitalize Medical Spa all you have to do is reach out to us by phone at (918) 409-2604 or you can reach us on our website at

Best Tulsa Botox | are you ready to look young again?

Best Tulsa Botox is whatever one has a say about Revitalize Medical Spa. We are number one or industry for a reason. We have a customer satisfaction guarantee to every single client that walks in her office. The reason why is because we get free personalized consultations to every single person that walks in with a custom treatment plan by a licensed professional make sure that no matter what you’re getting the best plan possible for your specific skincare needs. We also offer 10 for units of Botox or first time and to go towards your injections. If that’s not enough to bring you and I promise you the five-star views and testimonies of everyone online is sure to. Whenever you look at all the people that we’ve helped you can see their due diligence and hard work is been given to every client that is come in. Were going to build a help you to the best of our abilities.

Best Tulsa Botox is what were definitely known for. Botox injections are primarily’s for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles such as the bunny lines on your upper nose upper lip lines around the mouth eyebrows crows feet or even on your forehead. Just know that when you come to us are going to get results on the first time with no downtime to last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Botox is going to make you look like you did 15 years ago. Just know that whenever you come to us you’re going to look absolutely flawless after the first session and you’re going to feel amazing and beautiful whenever you walk out.

Best Tulsa Botox is what were known for but we also do things like permanent makeup. If you ever get tired of waking up 32 an hour early in the morning to build a go out to work school or even just go see your friends or family going to realize that permanent makeup might be an amazing solution for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s eyeliner eyeshadow or even lips Dick were going to be able to get you in for a free consultation to see if it’s something they’ll be perfect for you in your life.

Our company also does things such as microwaving. Micro blading is semipermanent eye construction that adds pigment your skin to embrace the look of your eyes and make you look more beautiful from the second you walk out of our office. Whenever you have micro plating have a lot more time and not have to worry about your eyebrows anymore. Many people I know I’ve definitely had micro blading and thought it was insane improvements of their life and the quality of where they live.

If you’re trying to reach out to Revitalize Medical Spa all you have to do is reach out to us through or you can even give us a call to set up a free consultation at (918) 409-2604. We look forward to working with you very soon and helping you and your family members with any skin problems you might be experiencing.