For fat reduction and muscle toning with no further than Botox Tulsa we also have a location in Alamosa Colorado. Better fat reduction in muscle toning you get at our almost a location it’s a fat reduction muscle toning in one session for four areas is $800 and then our five sessions for areas each is $3000 valued at $4000 value. 918-409-2604 Of course are two locations give area that in our treatments what other areas that we can provide you. For example in our Tulsa location we do injections laser treatments as well as it had different metals and even do lashes and facials and chemical peels.

Botox Tulsa. In our Tulsa location we do offer Botox and that’s $12 per unit of Botox that you receive we also do Jupiter per lips as well as other pumps and fillers and marionettes. Our lips at 0.55 mL is $400 our vote and you get 1 mL is actually $700 and then the ultra plus the plumps is six $5650 our vole layer roller marionette lines are 700 and volume that usually lasts about close to two years is actually 800. 918-409-2604

We also offer at chemical peels this is your glycolic acid 18% of it is the fire and ice and it’s $100 and also we do I ask clinical product peels this is contained to select lactic citric as well as other assets and then you can actually get them in certain percentages of acid we have a P2 that is that a percent met the hundred $50 P3 which is 14% in the $250. Yes I facials we do the derma planing facial as well as the combo one hour facial. The germ of planning facials $60 and be combo for one hour facials 100. So and we also do lashes we do lash lifting and lash tinting and that that had died at $70. In our laser treatments include fractal or this is a deep resurface seeking get one area for $1500 it also you can get to areas for $2500 treatments for three frequency and any additional’s and monthly for Franco frequency you get monthly and an additional 400.

So if you any additional information about like physique Elliott and what other kind of products we use here and I are they FDA approved and the answer is yes. Are physicians assistant here at revitalize medical spa are at the number one authority when it comes to actually providing the best laser treatments as well as injections and sellers and anything that you can ask for. And one of our superficial resurfaces treatments for our CO2 laser and this is a single treatment you can get there for hot $500 and get one area for 1200 to areas for 2400 and then you can get treatments for three and we can do the CO2 laser frequency and that’s monthly.

Botox Tulsa. How we also have our rejuvenation for your downstairs area and that’s an area chair interior and exterior woody treatments frequency and any additional. And then if you have some brown spots maybe at some sunspots or something like that we can do that as well using Elite plus and you can get up to five spots for 200 and get 6 to 10 spots for 400 and any additional five spots is another +200. And also we do offer elite laser facial this is for even skin tone you get one area for $1500 to areas for $2500 we could see his monthly treatments are three as well as additional for $400.918-409-2604

Botox Tulsa | Your Time For Beauty Is Now With Us

Botox Tulsa Tulsa location as well as Alamosa Colorado location. 918-409-2604 We have a list of services on her website and also look at the menu to see what certain locations have certain treatments. Also find us on Facebook instrument and Twitter for any additional promotions and any sort of questions as well as reading reviews of women that have come through our doors for whether it be a superficial resurface brown spot removal facials lashes chemical peels or anything else. We want to build new business and show you exactly what people choose our women choose revitalize medical spa.

If you want a spider vein removal one area area is 1000 treatments are three frequency six weeks as well as additional 300. And also the laser hair removal small area whether it be your face bikini line or your axilla that’s 1200 yesterday treatments for six frequency monthly as well as additional 200. We can do medium area as such as equal bikini informs first at 1750 we do treatments for six pregnancy monthly additional 300. Now all other large areas like both legs or your back that’s $2500 and then treatments six frequency monthly and additional 400.

We also do offer two bundles here one the first first bundle is year at BD this is bundled these are treatments and can receive 20% off you get 100 units of Botox any IML filler syringe and or any IML filler syringe. And then the next one is the ultimate trio treatment this is a bundle any three of these listed treatments receive 20% off and get the CO2 laser cracked or laser or the P2 chemical peel or the P3 chemical peel. 918-409-2604 Botox Tulsa.

Do not be shy if you’re actually looking to have some rejuvenation in your southern hemisphere then you can get it here. And this is different treatments you can get interior and exterior and the treatment it’s you know it’s three treatments and then the frequency is monthly and any additional services after those three treatments are $600. Of course it’s up to you have anyone to get of course we do want to do a consultation with you to see this is the right move for you. We never want to feel like you have to be forced to do anything. We never want to do more than you want. And also if you’re looking for a little bit you know tightening as well as leakage we can do that as well. Said that something that you struggle with her maybe you have spider veins and you want to be with get this removed and that’s an area for thousand dollars and that’s three treatments and at you get this done a frequency of six weeks and any additional services or any additional treatments for the spider vein removal is another $300.

Botox Tulsa. Do you really do not hesitate to understand more about revitalize medical spa both located in Tulsa as well as Alamosa Colorado. You can book now by going online you can also get Scott and take advantage of our free consultations to see if hair laser hair removal or even how lip injections or Botox is the right move for you. We never want to do the maximum amount of Botox we just want to give them the minimal as possible but also deliver the does maximum results. Illumination that you’re getting the right treatment for you rather than for feeling that you have to have something forced on you. 918-409-2604