Of course we offer Botox Tulsa, but we also offer laser treatments. We have a variety of different laser treatments that we can provide for you. One of the laser treatments we have is laser vein treatment. Some of the reasons that veins occur are because of spiders, veins, or other kinds of things that are pestering you. Sometimes they are inherited, and other times they can result from growing or just from age. We recommend that you do not do this procedure if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have a pacemaker, if you have any kind of metal implants, or if you have a sunburn or tan skin. Before completing this procedure, you must also remove all body jewelry and you cannot have any open wounds or active infection. If any of these are true, you cannot do the procedure.

Before the procedure takes place, revitalize medical spa that provides Botox Tulsa Ask that you remove make up lotion, deodorant, and treatment area, shave the treatment area on the same day as the appointment, do not have any sun exposure or tanning done for weeks prior to your appointment, and, of course, always notify us if we should know if you were taking any medications at the moment. Some of these medications can directly affect the procedure and can cause things to go very wrong. Such as reactions or, sometimes the procedure just will not work.

After the procedure is over, we ask that you do not shave for at least 24 hours after your laser treatment is done, after visiting us for botox tulsa. You can apply vitamin E or aloe vera to help with the pain. after your treatment is done. You cannot apply vitamin E or aloe vera to help with the pain. We definitely suggest that you wear SPF 50 sunscreen to the treatment area for a minimum of two weeks, and avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

In the event that any blistering occurs in the area that was treated with the laser, you should immediately apply bacitracin to the area. Cold packs can also alleviate some of the pain associated with the area after the laser procedure is done. Do not apply any make up, deodorant, or Lucian for at least 24 hours as long as the skin is not broken. Any rash that occurs with the treatment should be accompanied by Benadryl or Benadryl cream to help with the itching symptoms. After that is done, we will schedule a follow up appointment with you within two months to make sure your results are as you desired.

Overall, revitalizing medical spa offers an excellent option for laser beam treatment. If that is something that you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can get you in for our absolutely free consultation so that we can get you settled in as soon as possible. Visit our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ for more information or give us a call at 918-409-2604.

Botox Tulsa | beauty treatment

At revitalize medical spa, we offer Botox, Tulsa, as well as many other services. We offer IV hydration, PTO, lash and brow services, a variety of fillers, chemical, peels, laser treatments, and even as much as hormones and weight loss. you have been to laser treatment. That includes laser, her removal, hyperpigmentation, treatment, spider vein, laser, treatment, and CO2 facial resurfacing. All of these different procedures have their own aftercare steps and procedures, and each procedure can target different spots to produce different results. It really just depends on the personal preference for our customer on what procedures will be done and what products will be used. That is why before we begin, we are more than happy to provide you with a free consultation appointment. During the appointment, we will discuss all the possible steps and procedures that can be taken. From there, we will create your own personalized treatment plan.

When you get CO2 laser treatment done, we use CoolPeel technology, which is one service we provide other than botox tulsa. The cool peel technology targets the superficial layer of skin and removes damaged tissue. The new skin that is left after the damaged skin is removed, is then revealed and is fresh and new. It creates the appearance of healthy skin and looks amazing. The skin that is revealed is younger looking. Our lasers are also capable of removing acne scars, spots, and blemishes. We can essentially correct the color and texture of the skin with our lasers which provides an excellent outcome for our clients.

The desired results of Botox Tulsa are often to reduce age appearance by reducing wrinkles, blemishes, acne, and impurities. Not only do we offer laser services using coolpeel, as well as botox, we also offer several different kinds of at home chemical peels that you can purchase from our store and apply at home by yourself. These product lines all target different things, so it is important for us to do a consultation with you to create a custom skincare routine for you before you purchase the products.

We also provide you with our laser hair removal services. We can permanently remove your unwanted hair that grows in places that you wish it did not grow! These areas can include face, underarms, arms, legs, back, bikini area, chest, and more! The best part about laser hair removal is that it is almost always painless for the customer.

We would love for you to be able to come in and get a free consultation set up with usso that we can get you started on the right treatment plan and skincare routine today! We are so excited to work with you to give you the looks you have always dreamed of. We know you will enjoy our high class customer service and our amazing friendly staff! You can call us by phone at 918-409-2604 or you can also get into contact with us through our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/.