Those fine lines and wrinkles can really be a pain, let us help you fix it with Botox Tulsa here at Revitalize Medical Spa in Tulsa. Here at our spa we have a well-developed and highly skilled team, to ensure that this can be a goal for you. Our team here at Revitalize wants to ensure that your cosmetic dreams are met no matter the external issues that you may be having. Our team is great at what we do, and that’s why our business is one of the best. We truly focus on customer satisfaction rates, and having your best interest at heart.

Receiving our Botox Tulsa here at Revitalize Medical Spa could be one of the best options for you, it’s time to make a change. Nobody wants the fine lines and wrinkles, that’s why it’s our mission to diminish those. to get rid of the severe to moderate. Our team wants to ensure that you’re feeling confident, comfortable, and successful when you leave our spa. We offer Botox and Botox fillers. When it comes to our treatment our team wants to make it unique for you, that’s why we offer a Botox treatment plan you need to every individual that we see. when to ensure that the treatment is right for you, as every individual is unique.

When it comes to receiving Botox Tulsa here at Revitalize Medical Spa mini individuals have questions, including the pricing. you can contact any of our locations to get more information on the services you’re looking for. When it comes to closing tomorrow we went to ensure that your confidence can be met no matter the financial bump you may be running into. making sure that you are in control of your cash flow every paycheck, that’s why we offer cherry. Jerry offers month to month payments, that way you can treat now and pay later. we have different payment plans for different budgets, this isn’t to ensure that you are able to have self-care with a good budget after.

You see those fine lines in the morning, and you want to get rid of them then you should receive Botox Tulsa in our Medical spa. Revitalize is a medical spa that we’ve grown to ensure that people can meet their cosmetic goals. Revitalize Medical Spa makes every treatment unique, along with instructions. The reason our company is the best at what we do, is due to our customer satisfaction. We make every treatment plan you need for each individual, and we will change your comfort. Unlike other appointments we don’t want you to feel rushed, and we want you to feel like your questions matter. That’s why we give you a free consultation to answer all your questions, and take time with you. Our team is ready to ensure your cosmetic success, to ensure your inner confidence is shining through.

if this could be something that you would find intriguing, or even looking into what we have a suggestion to each out. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we went to ensure that we were with you every step and every process, due to the fact that we want you to feel comfortable. If you have any inquiries or questions we highly urge you to book a consultation. lucky for you Revitalize offers free consultations, which you can schedule on our website or call our telephone location. you can contact our location at 918-409-2604 or our website

Botox Tulsa | Take Back Your Youth

It’s time to take care of yourself and feel better about yourself, this is why receiving Botox Tulsa Revitalize Medical Spa it’s a treatment option for you. Here we have a team solely focused on ensuring your cosmetic goals and dreams are met. Botox can be a great tool to utilize starting from your early twenties, to diminish those fine lines and wrinkles we so desperately want to get rid of. We have a team well equipped, and well-developed to ensure that your cosmetic needs are taken care of. I’m going to ensure that you feel comfortable, happy, and confident. We want you to leave with a smooth and confident facial expression. that’s why visiting Revitalize medical spa treatment for you.

When receiving our treatment of Botox Tulsa here at our Medical Spa revitalize, we offer a unique to you. One thing that we do here at Revitalize Medical Spa that our team is so proud of, is making it unique for you. When you choose to receive our Botox here in Tulsa, you’re choosing confidence and success. Each and every individual plane will have its own unique treatment, including post-surgery instructions and pre-surgery instructions. This way we ensure you the best healing process, and results for better confidence. This is why our team is so good at what we do, is the fact that we urge to have personal conversations with each and every customer. This goes along with her free consultation which you can book with us at Revitalize medical spa today.

We have many questions when it comes to receiving Botox Tulsa and the pricing that comes along with it. and we’d love to say absolutely, that is a great question. Yet here at Revitalize we want to ensure you not only do you get your money’s worth yet you can treat then pay. That’s why we have a system with cherry, which is a treat for his pay later. it offers month to month payments, for every budget and every income. That way you can focus on achieving your cosmetic goals. Another service that we offer that could help you, is our membership. not only do we offer a standard membership, yeah a deluxe membership. it is a hundred and $150 for the memberships, which also includes savings. you earn 10% off and 15% off, and your monthly fee goes towards your added services. Who wouldn’t want to save money?!

When we treat you here at Revitalize with Botox Tulsa we went to ensure that you are happy. That’s why we have gathered a highly skilled team. For our Tulsa location we have a wide variety of team leaders to assist you. Krista Hobbs PA-C, offers clinical skincare to our Metro areas. Nikki Brainstetter LMT, specializes in stress relief, improving anxiety, depression relief, and Joint pain. This is Miranda Hunter LE, who is an Ace board certified esthetician. Finally we have Aimee Funderbunk who has a certification and permanent makeup in microblading. a skilled team sets us apart from every other location. Your best interest is at heart for our team here at Revitalize Medical Spa.

If you are interested in these services or our team, we highly urge you to contact us. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we went to offer you a free gift, we offer a free consultation with our team. This way we can be with you every step of the process, and answer all questions that you may have regarding procedures. When it comes to scheduling you can call our Tulsa location at 918-409-2604 or visit our website at