Revitalize Medical Spa has the best botox tulsa has to offer. We offer memberships, a huge array of services, and payment plans. We have three locations, one in Tulsa wants a broken arrow and one in Alamosa colorado. our services that we specialize in our skin care, injections and Laser treatments. you can age gracefully with experience, medically licensed, master inductors today. We are the highest rated and most reviewed Medical Spa around. We have a new client offer where you get your first 10 units of Botox for free with the minimum purchase of 20. We have a satisfaction guarantee and we promise that we are going to help you achieve your skin care needs.

What makes Revitalize Medical Spa botox tulsa different from other Medical spas? The Alamosa location now carries a medical grade leader that can treat a variety of aesthetic dreams. We have a host of aesthetic services that are offered to Colorado. We also offer Botox filler skin care, permanent makeup and spray tanning. The Tulsa location now has a state of the art laser treatment for facials and we also have a new CO2 technology that is for chemical peels. Both of these exciting treatments have been known to reduce the appearance of Sun Lines sun damage and Fine Lines while also maximizing the skin texture by improving it and minimizing the pores.

Our Tulsa location at Revitalize medical spa botox tulsa Now offers laser hair removal and this is also a treatment that can help with hyperpigmentation and Vascular treatments. In addition to our lasers we also offer dermal filter kybella customized facials, lash list brawl animation microneedling massage, permanent makeup and filler and botox. We have pharmaceutical grades getting care for our facials and Peels and we also sell at home products for purchase. Broken Arrow has stayed in the art laser treatments as well but these are great for feminine health and wellness facial resurfacing and contouring of the body. We have a contouring device system that uses radio frequency to melt out the way and also build muscle.

We also sell gift certificates. These are always available for peer purchase. All you have to do is book online, fill out a form or call. if by filling out a form we can arrange package information to be picked up. we must be brought to all of the appointments and it will expire within 6 months of purchase. It is a hard colon mission to make you feel beautiful and be able to age gracefully. Professional Medical estheticians are dedicated and eager to help you today. They are passionate and want you to be feeling your best. don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with the best. This is a new brainer offer when you get 10 units of Botox for free as a first time client. allow us to help you feel beautiful and age gracefully again.

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Botox Tulsa | Spray Tanning, Waxing And More!

Revitalize Medical Spa doesn’t only offer botox tulsa, They also have Dermal fillers. Some other services that we offer include brow services, Lash services, spray tanning, facials, IV hydration, waxing, permanent makeup, massage, lasers, Botox and fillers, Pimlico pills and Skin Care needs. with their satisfaction guarantee truly makes us a no-brainer. We offer units of free Botox on your first visit with us with the purchase of a minimum of 20 units. you can book online or schedule your free consultation today. don’t forget to ask us about our special, we have a 20% off product each month. you can experience medically licensed professional Master injectors today.

What other services are offered at Revitalize botox tulsa? Revitalize medical spaway also offers botox fillers. We usually customize the approach for botox filler treatments. We offer kybella. Kybella is a non-surgical injection technique that has been used for removing any excess fat beneath the chin. We also offer laser hair removal, hyperpigmentation treatment, spider vein laser treatment, and CO2 facial resurfacing. lose your hair removal we offer free consultations and defending on the area ranges at different prices. fiber pigmentation treatment is where they use Advanced Laser Technology to help alleviate Brown spots. This helps them so they disappear.

Some of the other services offered at Revitalize botox tulsa are spider vein laser treatment. This is the treatment where we work at the veins to help people regain their confidence. CO2 lasers are a standard when it comes to treating wrinkles, each spot, acne scars, and other imperfections as well as tighten the skin and balance your tone. We also offer esthetician treatments. We do facials and a wide variety of them. We will sit down and consult and figure out which one’s going to work best for you and your skin. We offer chemical peels and chemical peels are great to Target acne individual signs of aging, and brighten the pigmentation and reveal an even skin tone. Lash lifts are great for boosting and lifting your Natural lashes to the full potential they have and then going and tinting them for a darker more dramatic look.Lashes usually last about 5 to 8 weeks.

We also offer brow lamination. This is where we take the unrolling or thinning with the bra hair and smooth it out. We also offer microneedling. This is a collagen induction therapy that is known to activate your body’s natural regeneration to help tighten and lift your skin. We also offer a diamond glow and this is the next level scanner surfacing technology that helps exfoliate, extract and Infuse your skin. We have an array of other services that you can always visit our website to go check out and learn more about. You can always sit down with a medical professional for a free consultation for any questions and concerns you may have about any of the treatments you’re looking at performing.

visit us online at and make sure to call us at 918-409-2604. You can book your free consultation online or call us today to get that set up.