If you want to boost your overall look or change things about your appearance that make you unhappy, Revitalize Medical Spa is here to help by offering an enormous amount of services including Laser Face Tightening Tulsa treatments. If you’re looking to tighten those areas of skin in one of the less intimidating approaches than laser treatments, we also offer multiple different injections and chemical peels to help reach your goals.

another thing that we offer here at Revitalize besides our laser face tightening Tulsa treatments are multiple different injections, multiple different chemical peels and facials, different laser treatments, peptide bundles, waxing, hormone and weight loss treatments, I dehydration and even procedures to get rid of those annoying spider veins. If you are someone who is unable to pay full price for these services we offer discounts with each of our monthly memberships as well as bundle deals and even payment plan options. We partner with Cherry, a payment plan company who offers multiple different payment plan options, a fast application process, no hard credit checks, and a high approval rate. We currently have multiple customers who use this as a payment option or are more than satisfied with the results and efficiency.

Laser face tightening Tulsa treatments are perfect for those people who are wanting to tighten up loose / age skin. Staying active , working out and even dieting are unable to tighten a person’s skin. So come visit us at Revitalize Medical Spa so that we are able to help you achieve your goals and to look the best that you possibly can. Each one of our employees has years of experience and specialized training so that we are able to provide satisfactory results that each one of our clients is more than happy with. you were able to visit any three of our locations in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, or Almoso Colorado. Each one of these locations offers all of our services at the same rate so that you have the same quality of care throughout all of our clinics.

are two membership options are standard and Deluxe packages. Our standard option is $100 a month with an additional 10% discount. The deluxe option is $150 a month with a 15% off discount. Some people are confused about a membership at a medical spa, but we use the money that you pay for your monthly membership directly to the services you receive in the clinic. you are also able to bundle certain Services if you are wanting multiple of them in one appointment and we discount this overall rate. Another way to alleviate the financial stress is our partnership with Cherry. Cherry offers payment plans so that you are able to continue getting your services without having to cough up the whole amount the day of your service.

for more information about any of our services, current locations and hours, contact information, special deals and promotions, sign up for membership, and much more visit our website at www.revitalizemedicalspa.com. You can also give us a call if your questions or concerns we’re not answered on our website or if you do not have access to the internet. We are also able to sign you up for a membership and schedule your appointment on the phone as well. give us a call at 918-221-7121 to schedule your first appointment.

Laser Face Tightening Tulsa | Cosmetic Services and Procedures

Revitalize employees specialize in individuals who have years of experience and knowledge and put them through extensive training so that they are able to provide satisfactory results and each service they provide for every client that walks through a door. One of these training sessions that they attend is our laser face tightening Tulsa treatment. This is perfect for those people who have unwanted loose skin and are unable to tighten it or alleviate it on their own.

Maine our main goal here is to help you be more confident and comfortable in your skin. We do this by providing payment options, membership options, a wide variety of services, experienced and knowledgeable employees, multiple locations and even specialize in laser face tightening Tulsa treatments. Another option for tightening unwanted loose skin is our chemical peels or specialized facials. Oftentimes people choose this route who are new to the Cosmetic procedure lifestyle and feel intimidated by getting the laser treatment. During your consultation we will discuss your end results in the appropriate services you need in order to achieve that. throw the whole entire process we keep open communication with you on any updates and request feedback so that we are able to help you as much as possible.

Our monthly memberships as well as payment plan options cover all of our services including our laser face tightening Tulsa procedures. Our membership options are standard and deluxe. The standard is $100 per month with a 10% off discount and our Deluxe is $150 a month with 15% off discount. you are also able to stack these discounts on top of current promotions. your monthly fees go directly towards their services that you receive in the clinic as well as the discount. We try to make this as convenient as possible for those people who are wanting month to month services or need to come in monthly in order to keep up the results. You can walk out today feeling like a million dollar bills. That is what we’ll do.

More information regarding any of our services and all of our locations visit our website at www.revitalizemedicalspa.com. On our website we provide an array of information including the fore and after pictures of client services so that when you are making a decision on choosing a cosmetic procedure clinic you feel as comfortable as possible and have an idea of the expected results we provide. We are currently offering a free consultation for all new members so give us a call at 918-221-7121 to get the schedule today. feel free to call us if you have any other questions or concerns that our website did not cover!