Every single employee at each one of our three locations here at Revitalize Medical Spa has extensive knowledge and training in order to perfect the skills that they provide to each one of our clients including the laser face tightening Tulsa treatment. We hire specialized individuals who thrive in their specialties as well as have amazing personalities so that you feel comfortable with your results and comfortable with the service provider. Our goal is to help you feel confident and your own skin and provide multiple different options for convenience measures.

All three of our locations are located in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and I’m also Colorado. We’re employed with amazing staff members who Excel and each service they provide including the laser face tightening Tulsa treatments. We also offer injections, chemical peels, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormones and weight loss, dehydration and much more. If you are new to our business, we start each client off with a consultation appointment which is completely free to you. during this consultation will ask you what your desired result is and provide treatment options that will effectively achieve these while staying within your budget.

We also offer membership deals with 10 to 15% off discounts for people who visit us monthly in order to keep up their results. These membership rates cover all of the services that we provide including the laser face tightening Tulsa treatments. We also offer a payment plan option where you are able to make smaller monthly payments rather than one lump sum. This is convenient for people who don’t necessarily have the extra Financial stability for these extra services. On our website, we provide reviews on current clientele who have used Cherry in the past, or are currently enrolled in a plan, so that you were able to see how easy and efficient this process is. All of our clients say that the application process was quick and simple, there is no hard hits through their credit, multiple different payment options, and a high approval rate

At Revitalize we strive to provide exceptional results in each and every one of the services that we perform. Before your appointment you are able to log on to our website and read a little bit of information about each one of our providers so that you feel more comfortable and your choice of cosmetic provider. Each employee has years of experience as well as multiple different training opportunities that are able to produce perfect, upstanding results for every client that walks through our doors. On our website, we also provide multiple video testimonies from previous and current clients that discuss what services they have performed and how satisfied they are with the results.

Our website www.revitalizemedicalspa.com has multiple pages of information including our services, prices, client reviews, before and after pictures, contact information and much more. We are currently running a special for a free consultation so give us a call at 918-221-7121 to get your appointment scheduled so that we can assist in alleviating any confusion or concerns during this process.

Laser Face Tightening Tulsa | Laser Treatments and More

Revitalize Medical Spa is a specialized Clinic designed to meet all of your cosmetic procedure needs including laser face tightening Tulsa treatments. We also offer multiple other less intrusive procedures for those who are new to this process and hesitant with certain services. Each of our employees have years of knowledge and go through extensive training so that they are able to perfect their skills and provide satisfactory results throughout our clientele and each one of our clinics.

We have three clinics across the Midwest including Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and even Colorado. Each one of these clinics offers all of the services we promise on our website including our Laser Face Tightening Tulsa treatment. Another option to tighten unwanted loose skin is botox. We are currently running a special for new clients that their first 10 units of Botox are completely free, with a minimum of 20 units of Botox per service. This is a steal a deal for people who want to tip their toe into the Cosmetic procedure world! We’re also offering a free consultation to each new member. During the consultation, we will go over expected results and provide Insight on the appropriate procedures in order to achieve those goals.

Another great benefit of our Laser Face Tightening Tulsa treatment is to reduce uneven skin tone. We also offer a wide variety of different chemical peels and facials if you want a less intimidating treatment option. Our experienced employees will help alleviate any unnecessary stress or confusion when you are trying to make the best decision for you and your desired outcome. We also have two different membership options that are our standard and deluxe. The standard is $100 a month with a 10% discount and Deluxe is $150 a month with a 15% discount. These monthly payments go directly towards your service cost when you’re in the clinic, as well as the 10 to 15% off discount.

We partner with the company Cherry in order to provide different payment options for people who are unable to pay full price the day of their service. We did this so that everyone is able to have the opportunity to better themselves and feel comfort in their skin. Multiple of our current clients have used this option and are more than satisfied with the results and how easy the application process was. This option is great for people who have other financial responsibilities so they have the option to make small monthly payments rather than one lump sum.

for more information regarding our available services or locations visit our website at www.revitalizemedicals.com. We also provide prices for each of our services as well as a little bit of background information on some of our providers. under our testimonial page you will find videos of our former and current clients who are more than satisfied with the results and claim Revitalize was the best decision for them. give us a call at 918-221-7121 to schedule your free consultation.