Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we offer a wide range of services and even perform Laser Fat Reduction Broken Arrow. We have three locations, one in Broken Arrow, one in Tulsa and even one in Alamosa Colorado. Each one of these locations offers a wide variety of services to help you be the best that you can be and help you gain confidence. By offering this long list of services we strive to provide you every possible service you may need in order to feel confident in your skin.

One of our popular Services here at Revitalize Medical Spa, is there a laser fat reduction broken arrow. The service is provided at all three of our locations and it’s about the same price throughout. if you want to reduce your fat by receive a laser treatment that revitalizes the place for you. or sessions start at 500 dollars that cover four areas on your body. We are also able to help with muscle toning. The most common treatment plans for the specific service are five sessions priced at $2,000, a $2,500 value. If you were only want to focus on fat reduction, not muscle toning, these sessions start at $1,500 for five sessions that cover four areas on your body.

If you are looking to be your most confident self, receiving a laser fat reduction Broken Arrow service may be what you are looking for. We also offer multiple other services that are aimed to help elevate your overall look in all parts of your body. We also sell skin care products on our website that we use in each one of our stories. Some of the services that we provide are injections, chemical peels, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormone and weight loss, I hydration, spider vein removal, brow lift and tint and much more. Our goal here is to help you in every way possible and provide as many services as possible.

Revitalize Medical Spa has multiple employees who have years worth of experience and all things self-care. give us a call today and we can schedule your first consultation completely free. We are also offering new members their first 10 units of Botox completely free, with a minimum of 20 units used for the service. By offering membership specials we strive to make it as easy as possible for you as well as giving you the best discount possible for each service you provide.

for more information about our available services, our locations, pricing, client testimonials, before and after pictures, and much more please visit our website at On our website, you will also be able to purchase any of the skin care products that we use as well as additional options. If you’re looking to sign up for a membership we offer two options. Our standard membership is $100 a month that is applied to your services when you come in as well as 10% off each service. Are drugs membership is $150 a month, which is also applied to your services, with an additional 15% off your overall total. give us a call at 918-221-7121 to schedule your free consultation

Laser Fat Reduction Broken Arrow | Laser Treatments

Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we offer a long list of different treatment options from facials all the way to IV hydration and even laser fat reduction Broken Arrow treatments. by offering a multitude of services our goal is to help you achieve your most comfortable and confident self. We strive to make this as easy as possible and even offer a couple of different membership options. These memberships are applied to your services when you come in as well as a certain discount to each service.

Other than offering laser fat reduction broken arrow, we also offer injections, chemical peels, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormone and weight loss treatments, IV hydration, spider vein removal, lash/brow lift and tint and much more. all of our employees have years of experience and knowledge and use this to correctly capture your ultimate goals. For your convenience we also have three different locations, two in Oklahoma and one in Colorado. are two Oklahoma locations are in Tulsa Oklahoma and Broken Arrow. Our Colorado location is located in Alamosa. all of our locations offer all of these services and accept membership and discount options.

Although we are mostly known for our laser fat reduction Broken Arrow treatments, our company isn’t just about perfecting looks. Each employee who works here performs their very best work while providing each memory service so that you are always happy with the results. Our standard membership option is $100 a month, and $100 is applied to your service when you come in, as well as a 10% discount. Our Deluxe membership is $150 per month, also applied to your services, as well as an additional 15% off. If you are unable to pay the day off of your service we also offer payment options. We partnered with Cherry so that we are able to provide this option for you. Multiple of our current customers have used Cherry and provide testimonies of their experience with their company as well as the payment plan. This information is available on our website.

Here at Revitalize we offer a free first consultation and your first 10 units of Botox completely free (with a minimum of 20 units). On top of all of these services that we provide we also sell the skincare products that we use in each service on our website. On our website you will also find before and after pictures of our satisfied customers, and information on Treatment instructions so that you are able to properly take care of your new services if we are out of the office and you are unable to contact us.

Our website is and offers a wide variety of information covering all of our services, payment options, available products for sale and much more. to schedule your first free consultation give us a call at 918-221-7121. We look forward to helping you gain your confidence back!