Hey guys, this is Lindsay Blanketship. I am co owner of revitalized medical spa and we are a Tulsa Botox provider. I have a client here with me. She is a new patient. She had botox for the first time. So tell us your name, Sasha and Sasha. Tell us, um, what kind of questions you had about our Tulsa Botox. Um, prior to US injecting you? My main concern was the pain level, how much it was going to hurt. How long does it last. It’s scary when you’re searching for a new Tulsa Botox provider because you want to know that they’re, that they have the experience that you’re not going to come out looking like a Beverly hills housewife. So when I was searching for someone in the Tulsa area, I noticed that you and your partner had lots of experience and that was the main reason why I came to your new location.

Great. Um, so what type of experience were you looking forward to? Do you know the requirements for somebody in Tulsa to perform botox? I know that you must be a nurse Prac or a nurse, a registered nurse. But I wanted someone with a little bit more experience because I’m very conscious about health care providers. So I wanted to know that you were licensed. Pa sees that you had the background in dermatology and that you had a reputable Tulsa Botox clientele that already had great before and after. So I knew that I was going to be handled with care. Awesome. So Krista Hobbs, uh, my business partner, also p a license, medically licensed, certified in Botox over five years of medical aesthetic experience. Um, she actually injected your Botox and tell us about your experience. I loved that the office was clinical but still warm. Um, everything was clean. All the supplies, like the supplies. I’m, I’m very big on, you know, I don’t want to place that has unsterile practices and something that’s going in your face. So I wanted to make sure that it was a clean but welcoming environment. Everything was very professional from the get go and

great. So for you, obviously you walked in to our Tulsa location for your botox, a little bit apprehensive. And how did Krista make you feel after you started talking to her? Absolutely comfortable. She answered all my questions about the two botox areas I was concerned about. She was, had a super warm personality and was very, very knowledgeable in all aspects of Botox treatment and questions I had about maybe pursuing fillers later on. Oh, cool. Great. Um, okay, so how was the pain, if that was your main concern? What do you think about that? Hit sell like a pinch for a second. Um, the pain was very minimal.


I would, I would say almost, and not painless. You feel it, but it lasts a second and it’s definitely tolerable. Cool. Uh, okay. So along those lines afterwards, were you feeling pain? Did you have any bruising, swelling, any other, any after effects? Absolutely. No issues with aftercare? No. If you’re using from my botox treatment, no. Um, sore areas really. Okay, great. So this was your first Tulsa Botox experience. And overall, are you sad at greatly satisfied as a 10, you know, not satisfied at all as this hero? What are your thoughts? I would definitely say I’m a 10. I totally recommend revitalized medical for any Tulsa Botox treatments, um, or anyone in the neighboring areas. This spot, it’s got a great convenient location. Chris is great about getting appointments in. Anyone in the Tulsa area should check it out. Great. So for all of you listening are our Tulsa facility is South Tulsa and we offer botox. We offer filler, we offer laser services and skincare. It’s on a hundred person Riverside, so super accessible for all your tools on botox needs. You right there by the creek turnpike right there on Riverside. Easy to get to from any area in the Greater Tulsa area. Um, any other questions, comments, concerns? Sasha? Nope. The, I just totally recommend the experience anyone in Tulsa needs to check out. Revitalize medical for Tulsa, botox injections. And again, that address was one oh one three seven south Delaware Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma. And you can reach [email protected]

and you can either call or book now directly from that website. Um, so we look forward to seeing all of you, um, for your Tulsa Botox. Thanks for listening and feel free to email or go to that website with any questions that you may have. Consultations are free.