We get this comment ALL. THE. TIME. At Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa. Rest assured, nobody has to know. Close friends and family may notice that you look rested after receiving Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox, but even your spouse will not be able to put his finger on it. Whether you are a regular recipient of Tulsa Botox or a first-timer, your Botox will review with last or no wrinkles, and give you a fresh look.
My name is Lindsay Blankenship, PA-C. I am the Co-founder and owner of Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa along with Crista Hobbs, PA-C. I, personally, have been a recipient of Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox for over 6 years now. I will be the first to admit that my sweet husband was not excited about the receiving Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox, although he was completely supportive with the performing the injections.

After a full year of receiving Tulsa Botox, getting complements from the general public and of course getting complements from my husband about how youthful and well rested I appeared, I admitted to my husband that I had been receiving Tulsa Botox every 4-5 months! He was pleasantly surprised that I did not appear fake or plastic, and that the Tulsa Botox just enhanced and appearance. This year was also while I had 3 kids, age 4 and under. In no way should I have looked better, younger, or more rested than the previous year.

Fast forward 3 more years, when I had 4 years of medical aesthetic injections under my belt and had been a medically licensed PA for a full 8 years. Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa ran a Bro-tox special, promoting men to “lose the lines, not the character.” Guess who wanted Tulsa Botox during this promotion??? You guessed it! My sweet husband that is a very masculine head college football coach! And guess who has gotten Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox every 4-5 months since? Yep, same guy! He is hooked!

Moving on to 3 more people that I don’t necessarily want to know that I get Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox… My 3 daughters. It is so important for my young, vulnerable girls to know that they are beautiful no matter what! I kept it a secret for so long! You know what else I want my girls to know? That confidence is beautiful and that it is ok to treat yourself, especially as a Mama who constantly sacrifices. She recalls that receiving Tulsa Botox is not so I will be prettier, it is so I can give something to myself, including time, contributing to my confidence, and taking care of myself too. My daughters know their daddy thinks their mom is the most beautiful woman in the world, with or without Tulsa Botox and with or without Alamosa Botox. They also see him treat her like a queen, and encouraging her to do something that makes her feel good.

Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox make me feel good! I now brag to everyone I meet how my natural young and rested skin is attributed to my Tulsa Botox and to my Alamosa botox, not to my genetics!

Will I have a reaction to tulsa Botox? There are many side effects that can potentially happen while receiving tulsa Botox injections. I always discuss this at the first free consultation to make patients aware of what the side effects are after tulsa Botox. I do use a very small 31 gauge needle and I use an ice pack to help with the pain of the injection, but, Swelling bruising and bleeding are all side effects from Tulsa Botox injections. Although these things can happen, they are rare, it is also not uncommon for someone to have soreness at their injection sites for 1 to 2 days. I always recommend ice and ibuprofen and it typically resolves in 1 to 2 days.

There have been instances where patients have extreme anxiety and need to have their procedure done on the table instead of the chair. Anxiety about getting tulsa Botox injections is very common and I have seen a wide spectrum of anxiety ridden events. I have had patients heart start racing, get lightheaded, need to lay down, start sweating, And even vomit. These are all anxiety driven events and are not tulsa Botox related. Patients always recover well and leave the spa feeling calm and happy. Quite often with these patients I follow up with them either that day or the following day and they are doing quite well with no further anxious response.

I highly recommend and super sensitive clients to try a test dose of tulsa Botox and monitor any reaction. These types of patients may have sensitivities to food, medications, clothing, laundry detergent etc. Test dosing tulsa Botox is safe and effective and comforting to patients to know they will not react.

Tulsa Botox is the first and only FDA approved treatment to help smooth moderate and severe forehead lines, crows feet lines, and frown lines. Is it one of a kind formation. If you have lines on your face that you wish to be treated, tulsa Botox can temporarily reduce these lines. Tulsa Botox is administered by a licensed and trained injectors including physicians, midlevel providers and registered nurses in State of Oklahoma. Results may vary and results may take up to 7 to 10 days to take affect. Into clinical studies ovaries over 50% of patients who were treated with tulsa Botox in the forehead area had more than a two grade improvement in their lines at day 30.

The same results are true in the crows feet area as well as the glabellar region. Most treatment time for Tulsa Botox is 90 days however some patients have reported up to four months of line improvement. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we perform Tulsa Botox for an aesthetically desirable result using very conservative amounts of Tulsa Botox. For maximum desired affect, one should consider treating multiple areas at a time. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa, We inject appropriate amounts of Tulsa Botox for a natural look. This is so you appear as if you were aging gracefully, and you will still look like you after your treatment. In the past Tulsa Botox treatments have mostly been provided to women, however between 2010 and 2016, men’s Tulsa Botox procedures increased 100%.

After consultation. Treatment time is approximately 10 minutes. This is something easy that can fit into your busy schedule. We also use the smallest needle available, so your treatment is virtually painless. The frontalis muscle is injected to help with improvement of forehead lines. The orbicularis oculi muscle is a circular muscle that surrounds your eyes. The crows feet area is injected with Tulsa Botox to address the crows feet lines. You will still be able to make eye expressions. The corrugator and procuris muscle in the glabellar area is injected to treat the lines between The eyebrows. These muscles are strong and may require an increased amount of units for desired effect.

I am commonly asked if after tulsa Botox one will look as if they have a “surprised look “all the time. We administer Tulsa Botox in a conservative amount for you to maintain your natural beauty and you should not lose the ability to show expression when you’re treated by a licensed and trained medical expert. Some of the common side effects include headache, brow drooping, or eyelid drooping. Although these side effects are seen, they are rare. Other common side effects include discomfort at the injection site, mild swelling, bruising, bleeding, or dry eyes. When it comes to quality, rest assured, Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa uses an authorized distributor and in Injects FDA approved products. We are required to follow strict preservation including storage and transportation of our products. This ensures that it is not compromised. These guidelines ensure no doubt that tulsa Botox cosmetic is the number one selling product of its kind in the world.

Allergan also offers a coupon program for loyal customers. Brilliant Distinctions is a Premier aesthetics rewards program that gives you access to savings on Allergan products. You will earn points on your very first visit. You may redeem these points for savings on future treatments. At Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa, we provide personalized consultations to administer the appropriate amount of Tulsa Botox specifically for you so you can tell your story your way.