Here at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa, we are proud to participate in the Brilliant distinctions rewards program for all of our Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox clients! Brilliant Distinctions is a program that Allergen, the pharmaceutical company that produces Botox, offers. Considering we get our Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox from allergen, we are participating providers in this program, and our patients can benefit from the rewards.

How it works: Start with enrolling at Every time you receive a Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox treatment at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa or Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa, we enter your treatment, and you will be rewarded. Brilliant distinctions members get points for their Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox treatments, in addition to all of their Tulsa Juvederm and Alamosa Juvederm treatments. You may redeem points and activate them into coupons every 90 days at your following Tulsa Botox, Alamosa Botox, Tulsa Juvederm, and/or Alamosa Juvederm appointment.

Point system is as follows: Earn 100 points for every 0.55 mL Tulsa Juvederm Volbella. Earn 200 points for every Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox injection every 90+ days, or for Tulsa Juvederm Ultra. Earn 300 points for Tulsa Juvederm Vollure, Tulsa Juvederm Voluma, or 1.0cc of Tulsa Juvederm Volbella. Every 100 points can be converted into a $10 coupon. When you return for your following appointment at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa or Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa, he can activate year points into a coupon and redeem your coupon right then and there.

Lets use and example: Sally Smith receives Tulsa Botox, 0.55cc Tulsa Juvederm Volbella, Tulsa Juvederm Ultra, Tulsa Juvederm Vollure, and Tulsa Juvederm Voluma at her initial appointment at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa. She creates her account at and Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa enters in her treatment accordingly. Sally’s extensive treatment rewards her a total of 1100 points! Three months later, Sally returns for a Tulsa Botox touch up. She activates her points into $110 coupon and receives her Tulsa Botox on her horizontal lines of her forehead and owes nothing! Way to go Sally!!!

For those patients that strictly come every 3 months for Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox, they should expect to receive 200 points for every treatment, and this activate these points into a $20 coupon. This is an easy way to save $20 at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa every time he received her Tulsa Botox and/or Alamosa Botox!

Weather it is your first Tulsa Botox, Alamosa Botox, Tulsa Juvederm, and/or Alamosa Juvederm treatment, we look forward to treating you AND rewarding you at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa or Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa! Call today or book your Tulsa Botox, Alamosa Botox, Tulsa Juvederm, and/or Alamosa Juvederm online at! If you are unsure of what type of treatment you are desiring for your maximum desired effect, we would lead to offer you your free personalized custom treatment plan by our licensed PA!

People are always surprised at the amount of time the injection of Tulsa Botox actually takes. I will say, the longest part of the visit at least initially is the consultation. A free consultation is scheduled with Revitalize Medical Spa at both locations that is blocked for a 30 minute time period. This is so the patient can get to know their injector and have any questions they may have answered about tulsa botox. At Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa location and Alamosa location, patients get a customized consultation where discussion of the different movements of the face as well as units needed for appropriate paralyzation are discussed. Patients may get their questions answered as well as discuss injection technique and any risks.

Patients will ask questions like when will tulsa Botox take affect? Does it hurt? How long does tulsa Botox last? Are you a doctor or a nurse? Will I have any bruising? How long have you been doing this? What other services do you offer? What are my restrictions after treatment? Can I take anti-inflammatories afterwards? Can I wear a hat or exercise after treatment? How long should I wait in between treatments?

This is just a list of The top questions I get asked during a consultation between the patient and the provider. This is why these consultations are so extremely important and that enough time is blocked to have all the questions answered appropriately. Once a patient feels comfortable with their injector, especially here at Revitalize Medical Spa, patients, more often than not, decide to go ahead with the tulsa Botox treatments. Once the appropriate unit amount is decided upon, it will take an injector approximately one minute to draw up the tulsa Botox into the insulin syringe.

Then after cleansing the face, each injection takes approximately five seconds. If you break it down per area, an injector takes approximately 30 seconds for the forehead, 30 seconds for the glabella area, and 30 seconds for the crows feet. The injection process from cleansing the skin, icing, and injecting also depending on patients tolerability and should take approximately five minutes. If the patient has low tolerability for mild discomfort, the process may take longer, require more breaks and more icing. Fortunately at Revitalize Medical Spa we take measures to ease patient’s comfort so that their treatment is quick and virtually painless.

Revitalize Medical Spa – Tulsa provides hair removal using Cynosure‘s elite plus hair removal laser. Tulsa Laser hair removal is a method of treating unwanted and or excess hair. It is helpful to decide to define some of the common types of unwanted hair. Hirsutism is the presence of excessive bodily and facial hair in the beard and or upper lip region. Hypotrichosis is growth of hair in excess of the normal distribution. The hair grows in three main cycles. The first phase is an active growth phase with the hair bulb in tact. The intermediate phase occurs when the body absorbs the lower third of the follicle. And the resting phase is when the hair bulb is no longer present, hair will fall out and will be pushed out of the follicle by a new growing hair.

Only during the growth phase in the intermediate phase will the hair react to Tulsa laser light. The goal of Tulsa laser hair removal is for the laser light to penetrate the hair follicle to achieve long-term results. This typically will occur best on light skin with a dark hair follicle. Patients with light colored hair follicles or red colored hair follicles will not achieve optimal results because the laser will not pick up on the color of the follicle. It is important to understand patient expectations with the Tulsa elite plus laser to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair.

Results will vary with each person. Treatment and treatment intervals will vary with each person as well.

Here are some examples regarding number of treatments per body area.

Upper lip 2 to 7 treatments, face 4 to 7 treatments, bikini line 4 to 8 treatments, under arms 4 to 8 treatments, full back 4 to 9 treatments, full legs 6 to 9 treatments. The treatment interval for the smaller areas are between four and six weeks, and the larger areas, such as back and legs, are 8 to 10 weeks. When having a Tulsa laser treatment performed, the patient should feel a wave of heat with the sensation of a pinprick. A chiller is effective in reducing discomfort during the treatment. You may see some redness for 24 to 48 hours after the Tulsa laser treatment. It may take hair follicles 14 to 21 days to exfoliate and may appear to be growing during this time.

After Tulsa laser hair removal, the patient may apply lotion for rehydration. If any blistering should occur, although rare, do not scratch or pick at the lesion. An antibiotic cream of the providers choice may be used. Do not shave the area for 1 to 3 days post treatment if blistering occurs. Normal skin care regimens including lotions, deodorant and shaving may be resumed the day after treatment. Excess rubbing of a blister, can open the area and increase the chance of scarring. You may wash the area gently with mild soap and water and pat dry. Avoid sun exposure through the course of treatment and use at least an SPF 30 or greater if exposed to the sun. Activities such as swimming or strenuous exercise should be avoided for the first 2 to 3 days or until any redness or blisters have resolved.