Hormone Optimization

Revitalize Medical believes in hormone optimization using bioidentical hormone pellets. Bioidentical means the hormone has the exact molecular structure of hormones that the body produces, vs synthetic hormones that have a different molecular structure than what the body produces. Most people’s hormone levels begin to drop in their 30s, and the steady decline results in changes in their health, body, and mind. Traditional hormone replacement therapy (pills and injections) use synthetic hormones, and can have dangerous side effects such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and increase prostate cancer. On the contrary, hormone optimization using bioidentical hormones actually reduces the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular events, and Alzheimer’s! BioIdentical hormones protect the brain, breast, bones, and prostate demonstrated through multiple, very large clinical trials. I. Addition to wellness and preventative medicine, the positive side effects of BioIdentical hormones are immense and life changing. Increase in energy, Increase in motivation, increase in metabolism, increase in libido, increase in mental clarity, weight loss, decrease of anxiety, and a decrease of irritability, are just some of the positive benefits of hormone optimization using hormone pellets. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa, we proudly partner with BioTe to optimize our patients’ health and wellness using their hormone pellet therapy.

The process of hormone pellet therapy at Revitalize Medical Spa starts with a free consultation. Your provider will discuss your symptoms with you and order labs accordingly. Once lab results are received, you come back for a consultation to review labs and possibly receive a pellet at that same appointment. Pellets are the size of a small capsule and inserted under the skin in the hip or flank. The procedure begins with numbing medicine, and then the pellet is inserted into a small incision with no pain. No stitches or skin glue are required. Patients should start to notice changes in their symptoms after 7-10 days and at 4 weeks have more noticeable changes. Labs are drawn again at 4 weeks to check hormone level optimization and your provider will contact the patient accordingly.

Females usually get pellets every 3-4 months and men usually get pellets every 5-6 months. Pellets may consist of testosterone alone or testosterone and estradiol depending on lab values. The pellets are BioIdentical and absorb over time to avoid the peaks and troughs (highs and lows) of hormone in the system.

BioTe hormone pellets are currently offered at our Broken Arrow location and coming to Alamosa this summer! Call today to book your free consultation!