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Interested in losing fat, gaining muscle, and losing inches off those stubborn areas?

Physiq in Broken Arrow is the treatment for you! Revitalize Medical Spa in Broken in Arrow now offers our body contouring laser called Physiq! Physiq uses two technologies to reduce fat and build muscle simultaneously! Our Broken Arrow Physiq, body contouring laser device contains 4 square paddles that are approximately palm sized, and can be placed over any area of the body that one would like less fat and more tone (except for the chest). The Physiq treatment begins with 30 minutes of super luminescent diode matrix (SDM), which heats the fat to 43° Celsius. Lypolysis, or fat cell death, occurs at 43° Celsius. This step feels similar to a hot stone from a hot stone massage. The settings can be adjusted throughout the treatment by the practitioner to keep the treatment effective yet comfortable and not painful. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) follows the SDM phase of the Physiq treatment. The EMS is also a 30 minute treatment and it does just as the name implies, stimulates muscle contraction. This portion of the body contouring treatment feels like a TENS unit, but more intense, and undergoes a wave of 3 different stimulating patterns. The muscles being treated rhythmically contract throughout the process. One 30 minute EMS treatment on the abdomen is comparable to 30,000 crunches! Our Physiq device is located at Revitalize Medical Spa in Broken Arrow. Physiq is the latest and best body contouring laser device because it targets fat reduction AND muscle stimulation, and we all know muscle mass burns even more fat! The older, well known, body contouring devices target only fat, but Physiq is different because it targets stubborn fat AND builds up lean muscle. There are also several newer lasers out there that do fat reduction by SDM OR muscle building with EMS, but Physiq does BOTH!

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What to expect

At Revitalize Medical Spa in Broken Arrow, our experienced Physician Assistant, Lindsay Blankenship will consult all patients at no charge. Once the patient has decided to receive the Physiq treatment, five weekly appointments will be scheduled. At the first appointment a pre-treatment weight, measurements, and pictures will be taken and recorded. This information is protected by HIPAA and will not be shared with anyone without permission.  Each handpiece will have a disposal sticky gel pad and ultrasound jelly and a paddle will be applied to the desired area. Common treatment areas are abdomen, flank, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and chin/neck.  After all 4  paddles are applied and strapped into place, the SDM (heat) setting of the Physiq will be turned on for 30 minutes.  Lindsay will be with the patient at the start of this procedure to monitor each paddle and adjust the settings accordingly. The goal is for the patient to feel the heat to a point where it is similar to a hot stone, but not painful. The settings are always adjusted to reach 43° Celsius, but altered to how much percentage of time the fat is heated to 43° Celsius. The highest setting is 100% (fat heated to 43° Celsius 100% of the time).  Each paddle can be individually altered to a level of hot but not pain. For example, the patient might notify the provider that one paddle is too hot, so the provider can adjust that paddle to 80% (heating fat to 43° 80% of the time), and leave the remaining 3 paddles set to 100%.  Once the patient and provider have found the uncomfortable but not painful heat zone, the provider may leave the room while the SDM portion of the Physiq body contouring laser continues. The patient always has an emergency button that can turn the paddles down or off. 

When the 30 minutes of super luminescent diode matrix (SDM) treatment portion of the Physiq is complete, the provider will switch the body contouring laser device into the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) mode. The paddles remain in the same placement.  The EMS is turned on and settings are adjusted by strength of stimulation. This can range from 0-50, where 10 is an average setting. All 4 paddles in this mode must be at the same strength because they are working together to contract muscle.   The patient feels three different, alternating patterns of electronic stimulating muscle contraction in this phase. This treatment also lasts 30 minutes and the provider will remain in the room at the beginning to again adjust the settings to a point of discomfort but not pain for the maximum desired result and patient satisfaction. The patient will continue to hang on to their button that can turn down or turn off the Physiq body contouring device for moments when the provider steps out of the room. This portion of the treatment is comparable to 30,000 sit-ups in the 30 minute treatment time!

Following the EMS portion of the Physiq treatment, the provider will remove the paddles, clean the skin, and massage a patented post-treatment lotion, infused with caffeine, into the treated area that helps continue to break down fat.  The patient is sent home with their own bottle of this lotion to continue to use twice a day throughout their treatment bundle. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

Physiq body contouring laser is most effective with 5 weekly treatments. Revitalize Medical Spa only charges $2000 for the bundle of 5 weekly, body contouring, laser treatments that last approximately an hour each. 

Call Revitalize Medical Spa in Broken Arrow at 918-221-7121 or book your free consultation online to get your body fat reduction and muscle stimulation laser treatment!

**Physiq is not intended for an obese person to lose 100+ pounds, it is intended to help a healthy person to target stubborn areas on their body that diet and exercise do not.**