Revitalize Medical Spa has three different locations available to you at your convenience and Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and Almaso Colorado. Our most sought-after service is our Broken Arrow laser fat reduction but it is also available at both of our other locations. We strive for uniformity across all of our locations for our available Services as well as the price. We are here to help you and provide Comfort during this transformational time as well as suggest our opinions, based on years of knowledge and experience so that you are able to achieve your desired goals.

Broken Arrow laser fat reduction treatment is a very common procedure across our clientele. We offer medical treatments including injections, botox, Dysport and lip filler. We provide before and after pictures of these services on our website for your comfort. Some of the other services that we provide are chemical peels, laser treatments, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormones and weight loss, IV hydration, and even the removal of spider veins.

We also offer monthly memberships that cover all of our services at all of our locations including the Broken Arrow laser fat reduction service. Our student membership is $100 per month with an additional 10% off services and our Deluxe membership is $150 per month with 50% off services. when you come in for a service that monthly rate is applied to your cost for whatever procedures you receive that day as well as the 10 to 15% off discount. We also offer bundle deals so if you want to get more than one service we are able to do that for you at a cheaper cost.

all of our employees have years of experience and use this to help you better understand the treatment options and the overall process. We are currently offering a free first consultation so that we are able to discuss your desired results, the appropriate services in order to achieve those, and so that we are on the same page about your price range. After each service that we provide we discuss appropriate Aftercare instructions so that you are able to take care of yourself and experience a healthy healing process. If you were to forget any of these instructions we also provide them on our website under the Treatment instructions tab at the top.

if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to visit our website at so that you were able to review information about our memberships, our menu, treatment instructions, payment plans, before and after photos, skin care products, client testimonials, contact information and are available locations. If you would like to go ahead and schedule your first free consultation give us a call at 918-221-7121 so that we can get that scheduled or answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to seeing you in our chair.

Broken Arrow Laser Fat Reduction | Laser, Waxing and Injection Treatments

Revitalize Medical Spa is here to help you reach any and all cosmetic goals that you may have including Broken Arrow laser fat reduction treatments. We have three available locations at your convenience: Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and even also colorado. all of our services are available at each of these locations and our prices stay the same throughout so there are no unexpected surprises. We also offer membership options as well as payment plan options for your convenience.

The Broken Arrow laser fat reduction treatment is a very common service among our clientele as well as our other popular services. Some of these popular services are botox, chemical peels, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormones and weight loss, IV dehydration, and much more. One way that we try to make it as convenient as possible for you is by offering membership deals. These memberships are for people who are wanting multiple different Services over a long period of time so that they are able to get a discounted rate. Our standard membership starts at $100 per month with a 10% off discount. The deluxe membership is $150 per month with 15% off. The price that you pay each month for these memberships is applied directly to the overall cost of your service when you visit us as well as the discounts. you’re also able to bundle multiple services at a discounted rate depending on which service you’re requesting, we will discuss this during your consultation.

Other than our Broken Arrow laser fat reduction services we have many more sought-after services for those people who are unable to achieve their desired cosmetic results by just working out and dieting. Sometimes people need just a little extra help and that is why we are here. Our goal here is to make you feel confident and comfortable in your skin as well as staying within your price range so there is no additional stress. Each of our employees aims to provide Comfort during this transitional period and uses their years of knowledge and experience To help you understand the process as well as communicate expected results for each Service as well as the overall process.

If you are not a membership type of person we also offer payment plan options. These payment plans are for people who want a stress-free glow. We partner with the company Cherry who offers a quick application process, no hard credit checks, flexible payment options, and high approval rates. On our website you will be able to read more information on this company and how it has benefited some of our clients.

Our website is and is available at all times of the day for your convenience. On our website we provide information about our employees, you were able to sign up for a membership, payment plans, services provided, and lots of other beneficial information. give us a call at 918-221-7121 so that we can schedule your first consultation for completely free or so we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have that we’re not answered on our website.