Providalize Medical Spa knows that they offer the best tulsa botox plus other services! You can experience aging gracefully with medically licensed master injectors. We specialize in skin care, injections and laser services. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, we won’t stop until you’re happy. We are the highest rated and most reviewed medical spa in the Tulsa area. You can experience expertise from licensed medical professionals, age gracefully and have the minimum amount of botox for the maximum desired effect.

What other services are offered and how would I prepare for the best tulsa botox? if you are looking to get kind of them we say if you are pregnant and breastfeeding then you at least need to consult with your privileging, if you’re experiencing any active infection at the injection site, or if you have a diagnosed anxiety order.In order to prep them we want you to know that you have to understand the important treatment instruction so you can avoid any results that you aren’t happy with or have to deal with any complications. If you are taking medications that prolong bleeding you will experience Grace bruising. we ask that you avoid inflammatories vitamin e, fish oil, ginger, green tea, garlic for at least 10 days prior. if you are taking one of these before you are injected you have to let us know.

Another way to prepare for best tulsa botox The arnica Ford’s tablets contain the herb arnica and that is a pineapple derived enzyme which helps minimize bruising and swelling. you’re allowed to take these one day before and up to 7 days after we sell them at our office in case you’re wondering. We always say that you should use this treatment and caution on immunosuppressive therapy. It’s very important that you always communicate with your medical professional to ensure that you are getting the proper treatment services. if you have taken any of these things before your treatment you must last somebody know. if you do not follow the instructions then you will get unsatisfactory results and complications.

If you are looking to get a beauty regimen up to par, then you need to check out revitalized medical spas. they have all of your self-care needs all in one. Whether you’re looking to get a Ted copper massage, and get BOTOX on one day, this is a place for you. On our website you can see all of our before and after photos, check out payment plans with cherry, check on our membership options, look at treatment instructions, check out our services in detail, look at our menu with pricing, learn more about us and the staff, contact us and even shop on our website. anything that you have questions about when you can contact a medical professional for a free consultation. Your first 10 units of Botox are free for all of the first time clients. you have to purchase a minimum of 20 units with this for it to be valid.

For more information please visit our website at and you can call us today to get a free consultation at 918-409-2604. We want to make all of your skincare Dreams Come true, contact us today.

Best Tulsa Botox | Microneedling

Revitalize Medical Spa offers the best tulsa botox, and we know it! We have a no-brainer first time deal that you won’t get at any other medical spa. As a first-time client you get 10 units of Botox for free. you must purchase a minimum of 20 units where this is valid. You can book appointments online or schedule a free consultation. don’t forget to ask about a 20% off product of the month. you can age gracefully with experienced medical license master injectors today. We specialize in skin care, injections and lasers. you have a customer satisfaction guarantee, we will not stop until you are happy with your results. Our medical spa has two license position assistants and a team of registered nurses and estheticians that all have a passion for helping women build self-confidence and age gracefully.

If I want to get a laser hair removal treatment, what do I need to do to prepare an order for the best tulsa botox? The contradictions that come with Lisa hair removal include pregnancy and nursing, a pacemaker, metal and plants, sunburned or tanned skin, body jewelry, open wounds or an active infection. Before your treatment we ask that you do not pluck Waxing or bleach for at least two weeks prior. Before your treatment we will remove any makeup lotion or deodorant to the treatment area. We ask that you please shave your treatment area at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We want you to avoid direct sun exposure and Tanning for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

When preparing for your treatment for best tulsa botox, We ask that you notify our office if you happen to be taking any medications that make your skin photosensitive. We want you to know that anybody who has been tested for an epidural reaction with the test strip May return within 72 hours for your treatment. After your treatment we advise you to avoid shaving for 24 hours. you may have to apply Vitamin E or aloe vera for any soothing effects. you need to apply 50 SPF sunscreen to the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks. for the maximum desired result we will recommend that you need multiple treatments at regularly scheduled intervals.

We ask that you avoid working out in hot tubs and Spas for at least 24 hours after your treatment. if you have never received any blistering at the back of the train to your treatment area. you can apply the cold packs to ease any temporary discomfort you may be experiencing. you must wait to apply makeup deodorant and lotions for at least 24 hours as long as your skin is not broken. If you break out in a rash you may take Benadryl or apply Benadryl cream to help with itching. The hair may take up to 4 weeks or as little as a few days to fall out.

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