So today we’re going to talk about where is a good place to get botox injected in your face. Um, and we are very proud Tulsa Botox providers, um, at revitalized medical spa. And we’re going to talk about each area, um, that we love to do. Our Tulsa Botox, first of all is um, forehead. This is a pretty commonplace to get botox injected. Horizontal lines that go across the forehead are typically one of the earlier lines that people get and maybe starting in their late twenties, early thirties, from raising their eyebrows. So if we inject, um, the average is 10 units in the forehead, uh, in a staggered pattern, it prevent your, your forehead from making those wrinkles. The frontallis small muscles of the face are paralyzed, although you can still raise your eyebrows and may make facial expressions. You can’t contract the muscles strong enough to create those wrinkles. Um, coincidentally, this also helps this when you inject the botox in the forehead to get rid of those horizontal lines, it also helps many people with migraines.

Now, botox is FDA approved for migraines. You can go to the neurologist and get your insurance to pay for it. And when they do that, they do it in different places all in the back of the neck. It’s not cosmetic. But we have found that a lot of our Tulsa clients that get botox, even in their front toe muscles for, um, cosmetic reasons, coincidentally don’t have migraines any longer. So they really notice when they are due for their, um, Tulsa Botox because their migraines are coming back. Not only are their wrinkles coming back in their forehead, their migraines are coming back as well. Yeah.

Another, a very popular area to have injected with Botox here in Tulsa is the Glabella. Um, a lot of people refer to it as the eleven’s, um, or the angry face, the most strong muscles between the eyebrows. Um, they are a little bit stronger of a muscle. I’m not like the frontallis where it is a, a large flat muscle, but more of a small, um, Mulkey muscle. So I usually requires more units for complete paralyzation. Um, someone can have between 12 and 15 units injected into the glabellar area. Um, people who have deeper wrinkles in that area may require multiple treatments for complete softness and smoothness because those lines do tend to, um,


They tend to develop a deeper, deeper lines. They are vertical lines between the eyebrows. MMM,

okay. Another place a lot of people in Tulsa like to get their botox injected is in there. What we call the crow’s feet, um, are smile lines. Some people, um, these aren’t lateral or on the outside of your lines when you smile and you get those horizontal lines and sometimes they’re diagonal, sometimes they go even go down into your cheek. Um, again, a lot of people in Tulsa, uh, or in the sun a lot and getting their botox, um, because they smile so much in those wrinkles begin to stay. So we’ve got, we typically on the average do three injections on each side and then we tailor to the individual if they need more or less. Um, we can all, we are always happy to do that. After the first injection. We can usually kind of figure out, um, here at revitalized medical and Tulsa.

What, um, how much or more or less botox they need in the future. So we will inject on average six units on each side. I’m on the outside of each eye. So when you smile, you can still smile. You can still squeeze your eyes tight, you can still open your eyes wide. But when you do all of that, you don’t have any of those lateral lines anymore. Again, just paralyzing those really fine muscles so you can no longer contract the muscle, um, and make that line and eventually the line relaxes enough to go away. Especially if you start early when you’re first noticing that line, usually in your 20s or 30s.


In conjunction with the crows feet. Um, because it, uh, the muscle around the eye is a circular muscle. You can utilize, uh, Tulsa Botox for a, what we consider a brow lift. Um, when, um, the forehead gets heavy and the eyelid, um, gets a little droopy. You can utilize botox and just, um, below the brow to lift it a little bit, uh, to pull the brow up and, um, counter the effects of a saggy eye lid.


We also like to do our Tulsa Botox at revitalized medical spa in bunny lines. People, a lot of people scrunch their nose like a cute little bunny. Here we are around Easter, talking about, um, little Easter bunny lines. But if you constantly make that expression, just like if you constantly make any expression, uh, some of those lines from the muscles contracting will stay. So again, we will inject botox in those small muscles right on around the nose, um, just underneath the, in the inside corner of your eye where that tear duct is so that can relax that muscle. And then once people are trying to squint their nose, they can no longer. Um, so again, the Botox, uh, will relax that small muscle and um,


Help prevent you creating those lines and help prevent those lines from staying there.

Um, one of the newest crazes, uh, utilizing botox is a lip flip. Um, period. Oh, I said period, like I’m dictating. Um, so you can utilize the botox above the upper lip and sometimes below the lower lip for patients whose lip curls under whenever they smile. Or a for a patient who has a, what they call a quote unquote gummy smile where their gums show, um, when their lip curls, um, you can utilize only for you four units of Botox, um, just above the lip in a small amount to allow that lip to relax and not curl under as much. In the instance where somebody has a lip filler that is injected as well, it can help the lip filler a appear better. Um, when the lip does not curl under, when they smile in conjunction with the lit flip, um, the lower frown line just above the chin. Um, when you do make a frown, then the Chin will dimple and you can go ahead and use both botox in the chin to soften the lower frown line. And uh, Chinny Chin. Dimpling.


So I think we’ve answered quite a few questions about our Tulsa Botox at revitalized medical spa. As far as what are the most common areas to inject, um, to relax those muscles and get rid of mess of a blinds and fine lines and wrinkles and help s age gracefully.