Revitalize your Beauty regimen with the best botox Tulsa has to offer. Our team is composed of two licensed physician assistants and a team of registered nurses and estheticians. all of her team members share a passion to help women build self-confidence and age gracefully. By working with us some of the benefits you may experience include expertise from licensed medical professionals, minimum amount of Botox for the maximum desired effect, and Adrian gracefully. you can experience customer satisfaction, that’s a guarantee. you can work with our experience medically licensed Master injectors today. We offer a range of services that specialize in skin care, injections and Laser treatments.

What is IV hydration at Revitalize botox tulsa? We use IP hydration in order to give you nutrient Rich formulas in order to deliver vitamins and minerals that are able to be put directly into your bloodstream. This offer is an optimal absorption. This can address several issues you may be having. This helps with immune system strengthening, anti-aging, optimal athletic performance and recovery, hangover and headache relief, metabolism enhancement, common cold flu and systems, fatigue dehydration and brain fog. We have a certified registered nurse who administers every IV hydration treatment.

Who would be a good candidate for IV hydration at Revitalize Medical Spa botox tulsa? Anyone who is looking to Boost energy, hydrate, recover from workouts, protect your immunity will all be candidates for IV therapy. anybody who may have an extensive medical history has to have an evaluation to determine if this is a good fit for them. If you are a child under the age of 18 or if you’re over 65 you should always use caution and be thoroughly reviewed before giving the candidacy. If you have kidney or liver disease you will be treated with caution and may not be a possible candidate. Anyone who’s experiencing heart failure or renal disease may have potential for serious harm from these IV treatments and are not considered a candidate.

you should get IV hydration therapy at once a week if you can. and if you happen to be an appropriate candidate. We always make a complete medical history review and make sure that we get the right plan in store for you. The sessions are known to take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to complete. if you’re looking to recover heel or if you just need a boost we’re here for you and these are our selections. We use all sorts of holistic ways in order to make sure that we can achieve all of your skin care goals and dreams. We want all of our clients to age gracefully and be healthy. don’t miss out on the no-brainer offer of 10 free Botox units as a first-time patient. We look forward to working with you and getting you to your skincare goals and needs.

For more information about the services that we offer you can visit our website at you can book an appointment, or call to schedule a free consultation 918-409-2604.

Botox Tulsa | Laser Treatments

Our services like botox tulsa are part of the reason why revitalize is set apart. Now only do they offer an array of services like spray tanning, IV hydration, brow and lash services, facials, lasers, permanent makeup, waxing, skin care, botox in pillars, chemical peels and massage. We have a satisfaction guarantee and we are the hydrated and most reviewed medical spot in oklahoma. you can experience agents gracefully with experienced medically licensed Master injectors. We offer a range of services but we specialize in skincare, injection and lasers. All of our first time customers get a special offer for the first 10 units of Botox for free. you can schedule every consultation or book online today.

What facials are offered at Revitalize botox tulsa? Some of the facials that we do include the dermaplane facial. The German plane facial is a procedure that has been known to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dirt and Peach buds. We also offer back facials and this includes a deep cleanse, explanation and extraction followed by a mask and massage for your back. We do a combination facial and this is a great way to include exfoliating and microdermabrasion. We also do dermaplane on this combination facial.

Another facial that is offered at Revitalize botox tulsa, is the calm skin facial. The skin fac fac as it designed to help awaken your senses and restore a nice balance to your skin as it renews the tone resilience and Clarity. This is a great way to give a healthy glow to fatigued skin. This is great for sensitive and sensitized skin types. We also offer a clear skin facial and this is an advanced facial that is designed for a gentle exfoliation but also provides a smoothing and healing benefits for that skin type that is oily, congested, and acne prone. We also offer a firm skin facial. This is where we combine luxurious and hydrating treatments to enhance your skin with all the youth anti-aging products. This is great for all skin types and it has Target concerns for dehydration, skin wrinkles as well as fine lines.

We also offered chemical peels. We offer a fire and ice chemical peel which is a powerful smoothing softening hydrating and age defying facial. This has been an active treatment that was designed to help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles in your face, smoothing, softening and encouraging renewal rapidly all while resurfacing the skin. We also offer foaming enzymes. The treatment is great for using filming agents for light and effective exfoliation. This is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin, leaving your skin clear and glowing for days on end.

If you are interested in any of our services please feel free to reach out on our website at On our website you can find client testimonials, services that we offer, pricing, suggestions, recommendations, before and afters, payment plans, membership services, and more. we don’t want you to miss out on this no-brainer opportunity of 10 for units of Botox so call us today at 918-409-2604.