What can revitalize a spa do for you when you are in need of botox tulsa? Let us let you in on a secret; we do more than just botox and fillers. We do all kinds of skincare and body care services, and we actually specialize in women’s health and wellness. Our Aestheticians are licensed, and several of our team members actually have degrees in the medical field, such as registered nurse, nursing assistant, physician, orthopedic care, and dermatology. We pride ourselves on having such a great and experienced team that is more than qualified for the task at hand! Our team is ready for any request you have for them. No matter the situation and no matter the circumstances, we are here to make you feel amazing and confident, as you should be! We want you to rock your look every day.

Now, yes, we do offer botox tulsa. But we also offer something else amazing: laser hair removal! We can remove all that hair that you simply do not want to grow there anymore. We know that those hairs can be super pesky! From the way that the hair looks, to the pain and cuts that happen when you are shaving, to the razor burn that happens after you shave, to the ingrown hairs that are caused by shaving, none of it is particularly fun for anyone. That is why we want to help you get rid of those hairs forever.

The amazing part of our services is that they cause little to no pain in botox tulsa and laser hair removal. The sensation is definitely one of a kind, and you might experience a little bit of discomfort, but essentially the procedure is not extremely painful. Of course the pain level can vary between patients. The treatment that you will undergo is a series of 3-6 treatments to get rid of all of the hairs. This is because hair does not all grow at the exact same time, so hairs might grow back up once the first treatment is done.

The awesome part about laser hair removal is that once it is done, you never have to worry about the hairs growing back again! You can spend less time in the shower shaving your entire body and spend more time doing all the activities that you love. We know that you will love our services when you come visit our office because our staff is so amazing and experienced. They will provide you with everything you need to get through the procedure.

Do not wait to get in for laser hair removal! Summer is approaching and you do not want to be stuck shaving your legs everyday, causing razor burn and rash. Get in contact with us today to get set up for a free consultation that will discuss all of your options, treatment time, and your best plan to do your laser treatment. You can contact us through our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ or you are more than welcome to reach out to us over the phone by dialing the number 918-409-2604.

Botox Tulsa | Facials

Our Botox Tulsa services are accompanied by other services as well, such as facials. We also have a wide variety of facials. Different types of facials serve different purposes. Facials can exfoliate, relax, balance, and tame your skin. They can also hydrate your skin. Each of our facials have special ingredients in them that will rejuvenate your skin in a way that will make you feel radiant and confident. We have facials that help a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin and skin with discoloration and pigmentation

We have a facial called a dermaplane facial, which is an exfoliating facial that removes buildup of dead skin, sort of comparable to our Botox Tulsa that helps show new skin for a more youthful appearance. Another one of our facials is called a back facial, which gives a deep cleanse, exfoliation, serums, and is followed by a back massage. Not only will your face be extremely relaxed, but so will your back. The best thing to do for your body is to relax, and we can offer you just that. Speaking of calm, we offer a calming facial that is designed to soothe your skin and produce a more clear complexion along with better tone, clarity, and bounce.

When you are searching for Botox Tulsa, you probably need other skincare methods as well. To continue our list of facials, we have a clear skin facial which targets acne and blemishes in pores. This facial is typically used for people who have oily pores that build up a lot of dirt and oil, causing acne and blackheads. This works on all other sorts of problematic skin as well. One of our facials that produces results that pair well with botox is our firm skin facial. The facial is enhanced with many anti-aging properties and will firm up skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and also giving a youthful and young look.

Our facials are done by our amazing beauty team who are all licensed in their area of field. This ranges from licensed aesthetician to registered nurse, all the way to massage therapist and dermatologist. To say the least, our crew is super experienced and knowledgeable. They are all around amazing and always here to make sure that your looks are meeting your standards. They are here to relax you, calm you, and make you feel more confident.

We would really love to be able to take you through your next steps of your journey to confidence and aging gracefully. We take all of your best interests into our consideration when we develop a plan for you. We can get started on designing a plan for you today when you get set up with an appointment for one of our free consultations. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon when you visit our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ and get in contact with us today by calling us at the phone number 918-409-2604.