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Botox Tulsa is something the company name highly focuses on. Whenever it comes the cat satisfied customers we are number one in our industry. Whenever you come in you get a free personalized consultation from a licensed physician for custom treatment plan that is unique to you. You can look online at all or five-star views from all of our previous clients and know that whatever you come in your gonna be extremely satisfied with whatever you get. You can also look at before-and-after’s the see the amazing due diligence we’ve taken with our clients and why everyone is so happy and talking about Revitalize Medical Spa. If you come in for Botox your first time you’re also to get 10 for units of Botox in your first visit, and we always aim to please.

Botox Tulsa is something that we deftly specialize in. Whenever you come in for your first time for Botox you get 10 units for free, and your to be insanely happy with the results. Botox injections are primarily used for the ability to make sure your facial wrinkles go away which includes upper nose upper lip lines around the mouth eyebrows Chris feet and even your four head. With amazing results of last up to six months you can’t go wrong with Revitalize Medical Spa whenever it comes to Botox. We only hire extremely trained professionals whenever it comes to administering Botox of the you love the results you get every single time. If you’re thinking about Botox Revitalize Medical Spa’s the only one you need to get to.

Botox Tulsa is not the only thing that Revitalize Medical Spa does as well. We also many different laser treatments are mobile to help you with any of your skin care needs. Fractora laser treatment is a subdermal tissue coagulation device and fractal skin resurfacing tool to help you improve your complexion and reduce skin irregularities to make you look younger. You can notice this huge difference in only one session, and an even more large of a difference after three sessions over three months. Finally can also be used help treat your caustic acne and acne scars.

Other things our company includes being able to do is do micro blading. Mike relating his semipermanent eye brow construction that adds pigment to your skin around your eyes to make you look more youthful and beautiful. You’ll have to worry about waking up early in the morning to fix your eyebrows before you going to work because they’re are you going to be looking amazing. Is going to add that color to make your eyes really pop in the morning.

Every thinking about doing any of the products you can easily find your company online at or even just give us a phone call to set up that free consultation for you at (918) 409-2604. We look forward to helping you and your family for your skin care needs.

Botox Tulsa | Have you thought about laser treatments recently?

At Revitalize Medical Spa Botox Tulsa is something we definitely specialize up. Whenever you come to Revitalize Medical Spa are going to give you free personalized consultation with a licensed physician and a custom treatment plan that is unique to your body. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every single person that walks on our door and you know that’s true because of all the five-star reviews and testimonials online. You can look at before-and-after’s of everyone that is come in and see that we take due diligence our time take every single client seriously whenever it comes there skincare needs. If you’re thinking about getting any of nonsurgical skin care needs Revitalize Medical Spa is the only company ever need to go to to have amazing results.

Botox Tulsa is something we strive to be perfect at, but we also do other things such as skincare. With you licensed dermatologist that both graduated from Stanford University the one to do their best to bring dermatology inspired skincare to as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to see Lindsay Blankenship or Christina Hobbs you’re actually an amazing hands whenever you come to Revitalize Medical Spa. We proudly offer only written in fields as our exclusive skincare products. The reason lies both of our physicians assistants at work in the medical spine history of use ready and in fields and have had an insane results when it comes to skincare. We want to make sure that whenever our clients come in that they get the same exact results that they did because we know they’re going to be insanely satisfied at the end of the day. We want make sure that you would never at the step foot inside a doctors office but get life-changing results when it comes to skincare.

Botox Tulsa is something that we really do great at it Revitalize Medical Spa, but we also offer things such as laser treatments. Whenever you have skin issues laser treatments is going to be the best results to be able to fix your problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use our Lumecca laser which is an intense pulse light or IPL the delivers of the three times were energies and other lasers in its class with the street when you can actually expect clear skin and wanted to sessions with your acne or redness compared to the 45 at other companies that you have to do. We also have our Fractora laser system which is a subdermal tissue coagulation device and fractal skin resurfacing tool that helps improve the complexion and reduce skin irregularities to make you look younger. If you are trying to look for something that’s going to give you difference in just one session this is the laser treatment session for you when it comes to acne.

Our company also offers things such as permanent makeup to make it’s where you don’t have to wake up as early in the morning to really get ready for work. Permanent makeup makes you look great all the time and your makeup is always on fleek.

If you like reach out your company can reach us at or you can reach us by phone at (918) 409-2604.