If you’re looking for revitalized botox Tulsa memberships then look different than revitalized medical spa located in Tulsa Oklahoma and Alamosa Colorado. On our memberships do include ad by the names of standard Botox membership we have a deluxe Botox membership as well as a laser Botox bundle. 918-409-2604 www.revitalizemedicalspa.com. If you have any additional questions about these memberships please give us a call love to be able to earn your business and say exactly why we are that’s the best and specially comes to rejuvenation revitalization for women all over Tulsa as well as the Colorado area. He also find us on Facebook twitter and it’s for any additional tips and tricks and skin care as well as any discounts or special offers that we have here in our spa.

Our standard Botox membership increased $10 per box or per unit of Botox also you get $50 $50 off your filler and in 10% off all other spa services. And you also get additional 5% off promotions. So this is immediately due and owing the sound and specially can actually get more information about the Botox fillers and other stressors that we offer and by going to our website or following the Summit scrim player and Facebook. And on there you will see additional information about what we can offer you versus the competition of his time. We also offer you and no one area of laser treatment and get the other one for free.

INR deluxe Botox membership you get nine dollars per unit of Botox yet $75 off fillers and you get 15% off all other spa services and an additional 10% off promotions. This is a good deal people like the deluxe and this is usually probably the most popular think it would save is a lot of time especially when you get at $75 off your filler and then the nine dollars per unit of Botox. So out here at revitalized medical spa we never want to do the maximum amount of Botox FEMA initiative can do the minimum fight while also still delivering the maximum results for you. So whether or not you’re dealing with stubborn and pesky here or maybe you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin or maybe just a little bit of Botox even a little bit of an upper lip filler or something like that we can do that for you as well. Getting skull to find additional information and also schedule a free consultation today.

Our next and final I’m sure that we offer is the laser Botox bundle. Had this is for Botox sessions per year with up to 30 units of Botox per session you also receive for laser sessions per year and then on our Tulsa locations you can get a cool peel and then if you are in the Alamosa Colorado location you can get your physique. This is a popular one as well people people want to be able to at least have something planned for the year whether the laser and Botox and you can actually you know save yourself some time actually getting this pre-booked for the year and know exactly what you beginning what can Botox you want to begin during the year. So everything is set up and preplan when you do the laser Botox bundle. 918-409-2604 www.revitalizemedicalspa.com.

One of able to do business here at revitalized medical spa Botox Tulsa. 918-409-2604 www.revitalizemedicalspa.com we also have an Alamosa location sometimes list the services do vary depending on the location. If you sign up for missing membership you can do that by calling us or by coming into one of our spas and seeing what difference we may care when it comes to actually revitalizing rejuvenating. Whether it be from Botox fillers or other skin care medical services that we offer here. So what he waiting for customer give us call out today and also take a and get a free consultation especially when it comes to getting learning more about laser hair removal what is the best option for you what areas you enabled to have a service for you. So anyway for Christmas.

Botox Tulsa | Deluxe Botox Membership Just For You

If you want to get more additional information about our deluxe Botox membership or any of the standard in laser Botox bundles the mechanics of feminine information on the website and also going to visit us on our social media platforms such as Facebook twitter and is. That they put their new businesses show you exactly why revitalized medical spa is the best one good especially in Tulsa, and Alamosa Colorado. Of course it does very what’s types of services we offer at each location. So I’m not every location has all the laser treatments as well as any additional Botox collision anything like that. So it’s always best to call us or you can look online. Depending on the search a treatment that you’re looking for Weatherby Botox fillers or skin care services that we offer here the best thing to do toxic online and see which wherever you are whether it’s in Colorado to, you would make sure that the services that we provide are actually at the location.

Botox Tulsa. Is this something that I think of it… Wants people to get additional information about this is we actually offer laser Botox bundle and forget for Botox sessions per year with up to 30 units per session. Also for laser sessions per year. Talk Tulsa location cool peel as well as Alamosa location physique. We can also get our deluxe Botox and you can get 50% off list all services as well as an additional 10% off our promotions. Setbacks immediately with no cell make sure that you actually look maybe even cares about the Botox a little bit of that medical fillers anything like that next point then this way here at revitalized spot..

So on their website you’ll see that we have two different locations one is an Alamosa Colorado and you can click the tab that menu and will give you a list of services that we offer at each location. Each location does very soon we would make sure that you’re actually getting the treatment you want in a location that you want. So when it cancer Alamosa location we do offer Botox and that’s $12 per unit of Botox that you receive we also provide Jupiter and that is our lip that is our fillers and that is actually $400 for 55 now at 0.55 mL and that’s our low Bella bull Bella that we offer and then we opted to ultra plump Senate $650 and we also do are marionette lines which are $700 and then we do our volume are and that can last up to two years and the $800.

Also we do provide chemical peels we have our fire and ice and also our prodigy peels. The fire and ice is $100 in the prodigy pills based on the percentage of the concentrate it does vary. Also do facials we do a 30 minute mini facial a derma planing facial and really do combo for one hour. We also do for detox and one treatment is 34 treatments is 100. There laser treatments do include deep surfacing laser treatments thermal lot tightening treatments brown and red spot removal spider vein removal and permanent hair removal.

Botox Tulsa. And then we do body contouring as well and that is the fat reduction in muscle toning out one session for four hours is $800 and then five sessions for four at four areas each is $3000 and this is a $4000 value. We also do fat reduction only and one session for four areas is $400 and then five sessions for four areas each is $1500 and this is on at a $2000 value. See getting $500 off that treatment. And also we do bundles and this means you like it one of her memberships and it’s a year bundles is like a years of BDE get 100 units of Botox to get one vote Bella in one volume of and all of the next one is year of youth and that’s 100 units of Botox one involved Bella in one volume and three factor fractal aura treatments. And the next one is the trifecta. This is three Phrack Torah treatments three and the cut treatment and three former treatments this is had a $4000 value. So it either bundle you choose actually saving money. 918-409-2604 www.revitalizemedicalspa.com