Botox Tulsa | want to look like you did on your wedding photo?

If you come to Revitalize Medical Spa for Botox Tulsa we might be a little help you with that. Revitalize Medical Spa is 100% satisfaction guarantee with every client walks in the door. This is constantly being proven by all the five-star reason testimonies you can find online. Whenever you come to us you’re going to find out that we take care of everyone as a unique case free personalized consultations are available to every person that comes in by licensed position with a custom treatment plan that is unique to your needs. Also if you come in for Botox you gotta build your first 10 units of Botox absolutely free to help you towards your injections.

Botox Tulsa is something that Revitalize Medical Spa excels at. We know for a fact that whenever you come into one of our licensed professional Botox users that you’re going to be able to find out that whenever you leave you want to look absolutely beautiful from your first session. Botox injections are usually used to be able to take away wrinkles on your face and take areas such as upper nose upper lip lines around the mouth eyebrows crows feet and even your four head. Whenever you come in – you know you gonna leave looking absolutely beautiful and stunned at the results even after your first session. To choose Revitalize Medical Spa if you have any Botox needs because we are number one in our industry for a reason.

Even though we are number one at Botox Tulsa we also do many other things that Revitalize Medical Spa. Closing laser treatments for your skin care issues. Things such as the Fractora laser can be used as a deep tissue coagulation device in front oral skin resurfacing tool. This treatment will help you improve your complexion and reduce skin irregularities make you look younger and more beautiful. You can choose to either have only one session or up to three sessions over three months pending on what you need to accomplish. Finally can also be used to help treat cystic acne and acne scars on her skin. Just know that whenever you come into Revitalize Medical Spa for laser treatments you’re going to receive the ultimate pinnacle of success whenever it comes to results. We are hundred percent results driven want to make sure you’re happy with all of your treatment needs.

On top of everything else that we do we also offer permanent makeup at Revitalize Medical Spa. Permanent makeup is a great option for those who are tired of waking up early before they going to work or go out with her friends to make sure that there makeup is false before they leave. Permanent makeup might be something for you can come in for free consultation seep eyeliner eyeshadow or even lipstick is something that would make sense for you in your everyday life.

You can reach out to us iPhone at (918) 409-2604 or you can reach us all monitor website at We look forward to servicing you soon!

Botox Tulsa | wish your skin look like your daughters?

Revitalize Medical Spa definitely focuses on Botox Tulsa. Over time your skin care needs increase, and Revitalize Medical Spa is definitely here to help you with that. If you look online to see tons of five-star views of clients that would help all throughout the years. You can see that we take due diligence in every single client that comes in because we have 100% that customer satisfaction guarantee with everyone that comes your store. Free personalized consultations are available by licensed position with a custom treatment plan for every single person that comes in to ensure that your unique needs are taken care of. He also gets in for units of Botox your first visit to help you with your cost of your injections. I can promise you come into Revitalize Medical Spa were to build a take care of you the best as possible of anyone else’s Tulsa area.

Botox Tulsa is something that we definitely excel at a Revitalize Medical Spa. Botox injections are usually used just to reduce the wrinkles in your face, but they also have other uses as well. Botox is also been known to completely take away migraines if you have this problem. But visually Botox and help treat those funny lines or upper nose around the mouth eyebrows crows feet upper lip or even your four head. We want to make sure that whenever you have your Botox action is done by a professional. That’s why original time we hire a technician to be able to do Botox injections they have a lot of experience and will build to help you flawlessly.

Botox Tulsa is not the only thing that Revitalize Medical Spa does. Whenever you come in for laser treatments were to build up your blood your skin care needs. If you get a laserlike Lumecca it’s going to be in an pulsed light or IPL that drives up the times more energy than other lasers as class. This treatment can expect clearance in your skin and acne in 1 to 2 sessions covered the three or four with the other companies. We not only demands for our clients have the best care but also take as little of your time as possible. You come to Revitalize Medical Spa for your skin clearing needs will take care of you for sure.

The company also takes care of other things such as permanent makeup. Whenever you come to us for your permanent makeup needs you’re going to find out the were able to take care of you better than anyone else. If you’re tired of getting up early to make sure your makeup is flawless for you gotta work or go out with your friends you can save tons of time weekly by just getting permanent makeup instead come in for free consultation to see if this is for you with either eyeliner eyeshadow or even your lipstick.

If you try to reach out Revitalize Medical Spa it is very simple all you do is UP on our website at really gives a call at (918) 409-2604 to set up a consultation for you or your family members today. We look forward to servicing you in making sure you’re satisfied at the end of the day!