Hey, all you listeners, this is Lindsay Blankenship, pa back Atcha from southern Colorado and Alamosa, where one of our revitalized medical spas is located. And I have my husband here with me to talk to you guys a little bit about brotox and why a very masculine man would consider doing botox and um, so masculine and why he keeps coming back for more. So, um,


my husband’s name is Josh Blankenship. You’ll refer, you’ll hear me refer to him as babe throughout this podcast because that’s what I call him. I call him babe and Babe, that means Josh Blankenship. So here we go, Babe. How do you remember? How can we talk about how masculine I am? Kinda cool. How old were you when you first got your Tulsa Botox session?

So I’m 38 now. What have I been doing this for three years?

Gosh, I think about three years.

All right. Um, I guess three years ago, um, Kristen Lindsey put out this promotional thing called bro talks and the catchphrase was lose the wrinkles, not the character or lose the lines, not the character or something like that. So I’d been watching them do this for several years and kind of mocking it, to be honest with you. Um, I did not want to lose my scowl. I’m a football coach and I wanted to be able to look angry if I could look angry. And Lindsay convinced me that if I did this Tulsa Botox, that I could not lose the scowl but lose the wrinkles. I smile very big and laugh very big. Um, I think I get really big wrinkles because of that. Um, and so I tried it and was immediately hooked. And so I’ve been doing it every three months ever since.

Okay. So good. Let’s back up to what is your profession? I’m a football coach, college football coach. So Babe here is pretty masculine, um, very masculine. Thanks. So convincing him to do some botox in Tulsa was quite the, um, endeavor. Hmm. Um, just to remind all you listeners out there, Krista and I have been licensed medical PA’s for 10 years, but certified in Botox, practicing Tulsa Botox for over five years. And do you remember what you first told me? When we, when we first were certified, I tell my patients this all the time. I was, especially my male,

I was just concerned about the money that was being spent on the certification. And I had no idea what we were doing.

Yes. And you also to remind, you did want me doing it to myself. No. You said do whatever you want to other people, but I don’t want you to do and it to you cause you didn’t want me looking fake. Yup. And I think that’s the perception you had that any man that got botox would have as well. Yup. So a year in to being certified in Botox and me injecting Krista and Krista, injecting myself and Josh andR and Brian, Chris has been not even knowing finally week fessed up and confess that we’d been doing botox to herself after a year. And I think that comforted you. Am I, am I correct? Yeah. You don’t look fake. Thank you. Thanks Babe. Um, and then even still two more years after that, we finally convinced you and Brian

and you weren’t even trying to convince me it was yeah, you were just suggesting that I could use it. It wasn’t, and maybe you are way more manipulative than I realize, but I didn’t, I never felt pressured to. It was just finally I’m like, okay, watching and seeing what it actually did and look like. And I was like, I want to try it. I mean I am starting to look older and wrinklier and I wanted to try it and I loved it.

Do you think any of your fellow coaches know that you I tell him botox. Yeah, I tell him. Do you think they would know if you didn’t tell them?

Um, I just think I’m constantly being told that I’m really young for the job that I have. And then I tell him hi older, how old I am and it catches them off guard. I really, even from my friends do get a lot of comments about how young I look and I kind of brush it off with, yeah, well my wife does botox and skin skincare and so I should look younger. I should be a walking billboard for what she does. But um, yeah, I still think it’s a, within my world it’s, um, it does catch people off guard when I admitted.

So coming from a Tulsa football coaching family, do you think we could, can we could convince some of your other Blankenship relatives to get Tulsa Botox?

I know my brothers would get Tulsa Botox. I mean they, I look younger than both of them and I’m the oldest one, so I think that’s an easy one. Um, I think my dad sold did, he might just give up on being old. Um, yeah, sure.

So another guy that comes to the forefront of my mind. It does get Tulsa. Botox is my dad. What do you think of my dad?

Your Dad will never die. He’s youngest, most fit older person. I know. Um, but absolutely. I mean he, he, you can tell that he looks younger.


I think is his age would shock you if he actually told you how old he was. You see how fit in and how good he looks.

Very good. So, um, have you noticed any with your Tulsa Botox, do you get any side effects? Do you feel like you need to stay away from work for any given period of time? Does it bother you? Does it help you? What are your experiences with the actual injections of your Tulsa Pool?

The, the only thing that you and I have talked about was planning around a workout was if I do get some Tulsa Botox that I don’t want to work out right after. So we have figured out how to make sure I schedule it where, cause I work out every day. So if I’m going to work out, I go work out before I go do it. And that was kind of, and that’s just by your recommendation. Nothing I would have known, but um, that’s the only thing. There’s been those side effects. There’s been nothing goofy or weird or uncomfortable. It’s just been strictly, it won’t. And it’s in what you told me was that it’s not that anything negative would happen other than it just might not work. Exactly. So why waste it, you know, get, get the workout in before and then get the injections.

Perfect. The reasons, listeners, the reason we say that to not get any or not work out immediately after your Tulsa Botox injections is because, um, it may metabolize before it settles and does its job. So the research shows not to work out the same day. Um, after your Tulsa Botox, you can always work out before you can work out the following day. So here babe, my husband Josh Blankenship comes in usually in the afternoon after he’s already gotten a jog in, um, and we fixed them up and he’s a silver Fox, salt and Pepper Fox. Right baby. Thank you. You’re so handsome. So masculine. You’re so much more handsome than when I married you. Thank you. I love you. I love you. So all you gentlemen out there is not a feminine thing to do. Even the most masculine of men get their brotox is what my husband likes to call it, lose the lines, not the character. Hit us up. Revitalize medical spa. We serve southern Colorado in northeast Oklahoma and all the surrounding areas. Thanks for listening.