What is Botox? So I’ve never had botox before. And I’m curious if I want Tulsa Botox, um, what do I do? So first you would come in to our office for a free consultation and I would take a look at your skin Antigo look at the way that your muscles move in your face and do a personalized consultation to see how much botox would need to be utilized. Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that helps paralyze the muscle and when used in certain areas and in certain amounts it will paralyze the muscle to reduce the line. Okay. So I’m about to turn 40 but I hear a lot of my friends in Tulsa use botox already and had been for years. Why would a 30 year old need botox in Tulsa? So at age 30, your collagen production reduces by 50% and so a lot of them people, as they start to age, we’ll get lines and wrinkles and you can actually use botox as a preventative when used again in the right amounts.

So my next question is, isn’t it botulism and doesn’t that paralyze you? Isn’t this something that baby’s avoid? Like, why would I want to inject that into my face? So this botox is actually broken down to its purest form and it actually was not used for cosmetic reasons. In the beginning. It was used for things like sphincter spasms and things like that. And then they found that if they could use it on involuntary musculature, then they could use it on voluntary musculature for cosmetic reasons. So it is broken down to its purest form and it is administered in a large molecule. So it stays where we put it in and is not absorbed systemically to paralyze your entire body. And how long would this last me? So Botox average, um, last average three months. Okay. Where would I get Tulsa? Botox, revitalized medical spa. Where is that? A hundred and first and Delaware, which is actually Riverside.

Okay. And so my next question is, um, if it lasts three to six months, do I need to, is it going to every time I need to come three months or does it get longer or does my body become immune to it or anything like that? Um, so on average whenever it, you are injected some people who metabolize things quickly. Um, for example, people who are marathon runners who run a lot may metabolize botox a little bit quicker. Um, but yes, on average you would need to come back. It slowly takes effect and slowly wears off. And so you would need to come back to maintain your paralyzation approximately every 90 days who can inject botox in Tulsa. The laws vary by state, but in the state of Oklahoma, a registered nurse, a mid level providers such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant with supervising physician or a physician could administer botox.

And who’s administering it? The Tulsa Botox at that revitalized medical spa. You mentioned a licensed trained and certified physician assistant. Who does have a supervising overlooking physician. Okay. Um, my next question is where does revitalize medical spa get their botox from? So there are several different companies that you can order a botox from. We uh, use allergy [inaudible] who is an FDA approved supplier of Botox. Okay. Um, are there other products similar to Botox in Tulsa? There are other products similar to botox. Um, one is Dysport and one is Xiamen. Xiamen is mmm, the generic, I don’t want to say it’s the generic producer. Oh yeah. Zeeman is preservative free botox. So if by chance, uh, for whatever reason you do develop an immunity to botox. Uh, another good option which is also FDA approved is Xeomin. Dysport can be used in particular areas of the face of where you want a wider coverage.

Um, however, um, that’s it. Do you in revitalize medical spa? Um, are there any patients in that in Tulsa that are immune to the botox? I have two patients that, um, both have returned to my clinic. I’ll actually one that’s returned to my clinic after having a child, um, where botox is less effective. Um, and I have a, another patient, um, whose botox, uh, last approximately 60 to 75 days instead of the recommended 90. What are the risks of Botox? Normal injection risks such as bleeding, bruising, and swelling at the injection site. However, we use a small 31 gauge insulin needle, which is the smallest on the market. Um, we use an ice pack to help, um, with the small injection site, uh, as well as, um, shrink the vasculature to help with reducing the risk such as swelling and bruising. Um, although these risks, these things happen, uh, they are very rare. Um, you can also use,

um, what’s that called? Arnica.

Yeah. You can also use Arnica. Um, you can buy that at whole foods or on Amazon. There’s a topical and a sublingual


Version. Yeah. Um, that can help reduce, reduce the risk of bruising and swelling and soreness. Are there any other risks? One of my friends said that she, um, had an allergic reaction to her, botox and Tulsa. So if you are a highly sensitive person to other substances like medications or foods, then we can do a test dose in a very small amount. Again, that’s not, does not have much systemic absorption, um, to see what kind of reaction you will have and um, that is extremely rare.


Are there a lot of facilities in Tulsa that offer botox similar to you? Yes, there are a lot of med spas around Tulsa that offer botox. So if I’m interested in Tulsa, Botox, why come to you? Okay. Um, because I offer free personalized consultations, um, that are specific to you and, um, your needs and musculature. We also run a special that, uh, if you are new to our clinic then we give you your first 10 units free, which the majority of the time can cover at least one area, one treatment area. So typical unit amounts can vary anywhere between six and 12 units for the forehead, um, six and 12 units for the Glabella and between four and 12 units for crow’s feet and browse.


So if I’m a Tulsa Botox at it and I come in and want the works and I want the most possible, what, how many units per se do you inject it? One given time for somebody that wants it all? That was up to units would be Max

if I’m doing my math correctly. Hmm.

Okay. Um, my next question is, is there an age, minimum or maximum? So I think that all depends on your consultation. Um, and how much your, um,


how much your muscles move and if you have lines that maintain on your face when you’re not

making the muscle move,

how early it can it can teenagers get botox? [inaudible] no, we do not recommend that teenagers get botox. I would say, um, the earliest or the youngest patient that I have injected was 23.


For Botox?


In a very small amount.


Some restrictions after Botox, um, are going to be, um, no running, jumping or jogging, going to the gym, working out on a treadmill for 24 hours. You can take your makeup off like normal at night. Um, rub the areas, uh, but very only very gently, no. Um, scra harsh scrubs or Clarisonic and everything resumed normal, uh, in 24 hours. Okay. What about, um,


if I’m on blood thinners or are there any other medications that, that,


Contra are contra indicated or react with botox? There are no contra indicated medications. However, um, if you are on a blood thinner or on an antiinflammatory chronically, then your risk of bleeding is higher than someone who does not take those types of medications.


What about pregnant or nursing? Can I get botox in Tulsa if I’m pregnant and, or nursing? Um, so the short answer is it is not recommended. Um, it is a category C drug for pregnant and lactating


Okay. And you should consult with your ob Gyn. And my last question is, um, I think I’m pretty interested in getting Tulsa Botox at revitalize medical spa. How far are you booked out typically? Um, we are currently open two to three days a week and, um, can get you in typically within a week or sooner. Okay. I think I’ve learned everything I need to know about Tulsa. Botox. Thank you.