Get your Laser Face Tightening Tulsa services from Revitalize Medical Spa and see how we will have so many different options for you. For instance, if you’re interested in receiving fat reduction services, then we have one session available for four areas for $400. If you’d like to see how we can also give you five sessions that focus on those four areas for $1,500, then let us know today. We can help you with back waxing and so much more depending on what you are looking for.

On top of the Laser Face Tightening Tulsa services you can get from Revitalize Medical Spas, we would also like to tell you about our hormones and weight loss. A consultation is going to be available to you for $125. you can also receive that lab that is going to be John for one year for $225. if you are interested in our bio female Palace and our mail palettes, then understand the female is 375 and the male is $750. you can also receive core for supplements that will only be 144 dollars, so what are we waiting for? Are you interested in weight loss monthly injections? Then get those today.

You can also receive Laser Face Tightening Tulsa services from Revitalize Medical Spa which is going to provide you with Triazicide for 430. see how we are going to be the best option out there and we would like to help you when it comes to B12 injections. You can get those injections for $30 and we would also like for you to understand that we have in-body scanners available for $25. See how you can receive the best peptide at bundles such as our Bone and Joint for 1,080 to 1,357. It comes with a pentosan polysulfate as well as BPC-157. of course, it is going to finish up with our pallets, thymosin at beta-4, as well as our Labs that you can get two times. To finish off this bundle it is going to have time management and shipping services.

only come to Revitalize Medical Spa if you are looking for anti-aging peptide bundles. We have some available anywhere between 1,2202 to 1,4082. This bundle is going to come with different types of products such as our Sermorelin, our NMN, and our thymus and alpha-1. see how we can also throw in our Senolytic as well as pellets no matter what gender you are. with this package, you will be able to receive lab three times and peptide management.

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If you have ever researched Laser Face Tightening Tulsa benefits or if you’d like to find out more information about the repair and Recovery peptide bundles, then reach out to Revitalize Medical Spa. We have a bundle that is available for $620 and it is going to be full of thymus and beta-4, BPC-157, and peptide management. you can also receive Sermorelin and shipping services. If you’re interested in others we have, then see how we have the best body package as well. this will be available to you anywhere between 1,148 and 1,400.

see more information about our Laser Face Tightening Tulsa and other services you can get from Revitalize Medical Spa here to see how in all of our packages, you’ll be able to see if it is different than ours such as pellets, Semaglutide, and three labs. you’re all going to receive it Sermorelin, And three times labs. If you’d like to receive it two times and have body scanners as well as time management and shopping, then this is going to be the best option for you. We would like for you to see how we also have different packages.

Another Laser Face Tightening Tulsa service or peptide package that you could find out more information about is going to be our sleep package for Revitalize Medical Spa. This is available at 788 to 10,68 and we’ll have plenty of different types of solutions that say it’s going to help you. no matter what type of peptides they are interested in, we can tell you that bundles are going to be 20% off the total price. find out more information about the different Services we can provide for you such as waxing. we will be able to help with your bikini line for only $55 and more.

Your first-time waxing service for your bikini Revitalize Medical Spa is available for 65 dollars. If you’re interested in maintenance for your full bikini within six weeks, it’s going to be 50 dollars. We also have Brazilian waxes with your first time only being $75 to $80 and maintenance within 60 weeks between 60 to 65 dollars. find out more information about arm waxing that is going to cover fingers as well as hands. Every service that takes your full arm is going to be 50 dollars, half arm elbow is going to be $40.

underarms waxing it with Revitalize Medical Spa is going to cost you $60 to $65. If you’d like to receive more information about our company, then give us a call at the number 918-221-7121 today. We would also like to tell you about leg waxing that we have and we will let you know that toes and feet are going to be included in every service. To see more information about those, go online to our website at This website is going to show that a full leg is available to you for $85 and upper leg knees are going to be 65 dollars.