Hey guys, this is Lindsay Blankenship. I am the co owner of revitalize medical spa. We have two locations, or we have our Tulsa Botox location, and that is at a hundred and first and Riverside. We also have our Alamosa Botox location, which is in southern Colorado and the central region of San Louis Valley. And I’m located in Alamosa supplying all the San Luis Valley towns. So what I’m going to talk to you guys about today is, um, what are, we call it a purple cow, but what are no brainer is why you should come to us in south Tulsa especially. There’s several Tulsa Botox, uh, providers and why we are different and unique and what will be beneficial if you choose to use your, get your Tulsa Botox from revitalize medical spot. So first and foremost, Krista is the PA that operates the Tulsa Botox shop. And Crystal Hobbs is a licensed, uh, PA still actively practicing medicine in Ortho on the side of, of doing the all the procedures at revitalize medical spa.

And she has been medically licensed for 10 years and certified in aesthetics for five. So you’ve got the experience that’s key. Um, there’s so many people out there with subpar experience or no experience, um, that don’t even have, um, prescribers licenses like, like Krista Hobbs and myself, Lindsay Blankenship do as licensed PA’s. We are licensed to prescribe if anything should come up like a severe reaction. Um, some sort of infection. None of that, um, happens to us. But we have that tool in our pocket to call in prescriptions appropriately for all of our patients if need be. That is number one. Number two, why come to us? Um, we do free customized consultations. So everybody is an individual. Everybody’s anatomy is completely different. So if you want botox in Tulsa, um, you don’t want to feel like this is a cattle call and, and you’re just like everybody else and you need the same amount of botox in the same exact spot as as everybody else.

Everybody’s muscles have different strengths, have different, um, definitions, um, flex in different places. That’s why everybody’s wrinkles are different. And so Krista Hobbs and I, Lindsay Blankenship, we, um, look at the patient, we listened to our patients, we talk you through it and we explain the physiology behind botox and how it works. And we also talk about how you, each patient of ours, um, receives the minimum amount of botox for the maximum desired effect. That’s very to us. We are very passionate about helping our patients age gracefully and, um, stay, stay in the most comfortable environment while they received their botox in Tulsa or Alamosa. And, um, we want you to, we show you where the botox is necessary and where it’s not necessary. A lot of people are injecting way too much botox in their patients’ faces just because they’re following one standard script. Um, so not only can you come to us and find out what minimum amount of botox you need in Tulsa or Alamosa, um, for the maximum desired effect for the full parallelization to get rid of those wrinkles.

Um, but that consultation is free. We, we offer, we require no payment, no obligation to book nothing. We um, offer our time and services for that first consultation completely free. Another reason to come to us to get your botox in Tulsa or Alamosa is because for botox virgins, which we like to call it, or if you’re a virgin to our business, um, your first 10 units of Botox or free guys, it completely, totally free, no obligations, no contracts, nothing. Um, we will give you your first 10 units of Botox for free. That’s $120 value. Um, so come to revitalize medical spa and Tulsa for all your botox, especially if it’s your first time. We will talk you through it for free. We will tell you everything you need to know about Tulsa, botox or Alamosa Botox and we will keep you comfortable. We will hate help you age gracefully.

We will not let you walk away feeling looking fake because we will not put our name behind that look. And um, we will do everything in our power to get you the maximum desired effect for a, with the minimum amount of botox necessary. Um, and being licensed medical providers, we have, again, some things that we can use or, um, help provide our patients with extra comfort, uh, level of care that not everybody is able to do. So, revitalize medical spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma for all your botox needs, revitalize medical spa and Alamosa, Colorado for all of your botox needs. We also do filler in laser, but we discuss those on other podcasts. Um, but thanks for listening in and we look forward to meeting everyone of you.