If you have a family member that knows what benefit from top Tulsa Botox or injections, but doesn’t want to spend their own money to go get them done, you can take that as a great opportunity to get them a gift. This could be for example a parent or grandparent but you would like to treat it to a special day, such as Mother’s Day or a birthday or christmas. you can go ahead and purchase a gift card for them for a Botox or injection treatment. Of course, we would definitely have to do a consultation to determine what kind of products and services would be necessary for that person that you have in mind, but that consultation is absolutely free and we’ll just clear up any confusion on what could possibly happen.

Our Salon offers seven more services other than top Tulsa botox. If you’re wanting to get a friend or family member to give you a certificate for a massage, we are the perfect place to go. We have a licensed massage therapist within our facility and we also provide several different types of massages. We even have PDO service, which is polydial and is a biodegradable sugar-based material that is often used in surgeries such as cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery.

The technology we use for PDO service at the top Tulsa Botox Spa is called mint which is a minimally invasive non-surgical thread. This is backed by science and innovation and is a device that we use that has two FDA clearances for use. It is the only device of this kind to have that kind of clearance. The device we use, also known as the minimally invasive known Surgical thread, actually has lifting indication for nasal labial full depth reduction.

the benefits of PDO services is that the results last 10 months or longer, there are no Surgical scars, it takes a short period of time to complete, the results that you see are immediate, PDO threads stimulate collagen production to enhance youthful looks in skin, and I can also be combined with other aesthetic treatments, and it all costs less than surgery. We of course want to provide you with this service if this is something you are interested in, because we would love to help. we guarantee that you will be overly satisfied with the products that you get and you will absolutely adore your results.

to find out more about our spa to get A deeper understanding of the services that we provide, you should go ahead and check out our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ Where you can see some of the pictures of before and after Of the people that we have provided our services to in the past. We have such a large variety of services that we can provide to you so we encourage you to look at our menu, and also look at our details of every service on our website to see what you want. If you have any questions feel free to call us at, 918-409-2604.

Top Tulsa Botox | We care for you even after your appointment

Because we are the top Tulsa Botox spa, we of course care about our customers very deeply and we take great passion and make sure that they absolutely love the results of the procedures that they have had done. We also make sure that they are well taken care of before, during, and after the services that we provide to them. Before our guests have their appointment, we provide them with a free consultation that will let us get to know exactly what our clients need and what they are interested in. This will give us a good idea of what they are wanting so that we can decide on what kind of products to use and what will work best for them and their personal preferences as well as their skin types. This is often very important to get a professional opinion on what services should be used.

After the consultation with the top Tulsa Botox Spa, depending on the services and products that you want, we will take the extra steps needed to provide those services and products that we came up with. keep in mind that every client has their own personalized product and service plan. This is because we understand that not every person is exactly the same and not all skin is exactly the same. That is why we offer so many different varieties and so many different options for our services. When we do your free consultation, we also consider all of the details that you tell us about yourself and what you are looking for. Our team will take care of you the entire time through the process and make sure that your experience is as painless as possible and also very enjoyable.

The number one goal after you leave the top Tulsa Botox Spa is to really thoroughly enjoy your results. we will exceed your expectations for your results and we would absolutely love to see what we can provide you with that will do anything that we can to boost your confidence. We love to empower other people and we love to boost other people’s confidence.

After you are finished with your massage, botox, injections, micro needling, and other skin and instructions vary from one service to another, we definitely Once you follow up with you and make sure that our follow-up instructions we’re good for your service. Usually, for skin and Laser procedures, we recommend that you do not have direct sun exposure and use sunscreen everywhere that you can. We also recommend that you do not shave within 24 hours so that the skin does not split or break.

For a more detailed list of all of our products and services that we can provide to you, you can pull up our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ and read more about our products and services. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 918-409-2604.