Top Tulsa Botox | trying to get a new look?

Realize that a company name that we are the Top Tulsa Botox company that there is available. If you go online and see tons of five-star visa testimonials consul he sang the time and time again we are number one in the industry. You can come in her office and get a free personalized consultation along with a custom treatment plan that displaced by licensed physician knowing that you’re getting something that is constantly made just for you and that you can be happy with the treatment. Know that we also have a customer satisfaction guaranteed motto whenever they come in customers will be 100% satisfied with their service relief. Also getting Botox for the first time your first 10 units of Botox is completely free to you. No matter what you need to have happen Revitalize Medical Spa is the only company to go to to get all your skincare needs.

Top Tulsa Botox is a Revitalize Medical Spa is often referred to as. Comes the Botox typically are looking to get rid of the bunny lines are upper nose around the mouth eyebrows crows feet upper lip lines in your four head. Whenever you come to us to get your Botox completed you’re going to have little no downtime after your see the procedure and in the last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. But I injections are typically used for using on your face to get rid of small wrinkles, but it also has other advantages such as getting rid of migraines. Whatever the reason you’re looking to get Botox Revitalize Medical Spa is the only company need to go to get Botox of our highly trained professionals are going to leave completely satisfied with the first time that you come in and look absolutely and feel absolutely beautiful when you leave.

Top Tulsa Botox is what Revitalize Medical Spa is often referred to, but we also do other things such as laser treatments. It doesn’t matter if you come in readability things like Lumecca laser treatment which is an intense pulsed light or IPL that lives up to three times were energy than other lasers in his class. With this treatment you can expect clearance in your skin in just 1 to 2 sessions compared to the normal 45 from other companies in the industry. People come to us consistently not only because we’re the best, but because we deliver the fastest and best treatment at the same time.

Another thing we do it Revitalize Medical Spa is permanent makeup. You can come in for a free consultation see a permanent makeup for your eyeliner eyeshadow or even lipstick is right for you. Whenever you and a ton of time ever smelled a putting on her makeup think about all the hours every single month you spend on not having to wake up earlier being able to go out even faster. Permanent makeup isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you if you’re really tired of putting it on everyday.

If you like to contact us you can contact us at (918) 409-2604 or you can reach us online at our website at

Top Tulsa Botox | Do you want to feel revitalized?

Top Tulsa Botox is over commonly referred to due to how much Botox we do in the Tulsa area. Revitalize Medical Spa is completely ahead of the industry when it comes doing Botox specially with the number of people that we hire that are highly qualified are going to get the job done right and right the first time. Whenever you call on Revitalize Medical Spa you’re going to be able to make sure that you are satisfied with whatever you get completed in your skincare needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s laser treatment skincare micro blading you’re gonna be insanely happy with the results they receive it Revitalize Medical Spa.

It’s quite obvious that we are the Top Tulsa Botox and it’s because we constantly prove over and over again that we are. Our technicians are the best in the business, and on top of that we even give 10 free units of Botox on your first time in because were so tried-and-true with our process. We know for a fact that we can earn your Botox business because you can look online the before-and-after’s and see that every person is come it has had stellar remarks and results from our company. It doesn’t matter where you getting Botox injections know that it’s in the last 3 to 6 months and it’s also going to be able to make your body looks so much younger with just after one use leaving you feeling much more beautiful.

Top Tulsa Botox is what Revitalize Medical Spa is often referred to, but just know that’s not where we stopped. Our laser treatments are number one the industry as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting one of our five laser treatments you’re going to be extremely satisfied with your skincare after were finished. For instance our Fractora laser is a subdermal tissue coagulation device and floral skin resurfacing told help your skin bridge the gap between fictional lasers and surgical procedures. This treatment will improve your comp election and reduce skin irregularities make you look younger. You have the ability to see a huge difference in the first session, but even more dramatic change can be seen after a series of three sessions every three months. Finally this can also help you treat your caustic acne or even acne scars.

Also when you can the Revitalize Medical Spa you can expect something like permanent makeup to be able to help you look better on a daily basis. Think of all the time you save if you did not put on make up in the morning and your eyeliner eyeshadow or even lipstick was Artie put on flawlessly. Your permanent makeup is made where you look perfect from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. If you like a free consultation you’re able to look see if eyeliner eyeshadow or lipstick would be good for you.

If you like contact Revitalize Medical Spa all you do is go to our website at or you can visit us on the phone at (918) 409-2604. Just another were waiting for your call to make sure your skin treatment needs are taken care of.