If you are looking to get a facial at our revitalized Medical Spa which is the top Tulsa botox spa, we can do some add-ons for you as well if you are interested. Some of these add-ons include lip treatment, brightening treatment, Derma plan, extractions, neck and chest, and we can also provide you with brow and Lash services. We want to Guarantee you the best possible service that you can ever have and we would be so happy to provide you with any services that you request for months. If you would like a special kind of treatment, we can work out a custom plan for you and what works for you. We would love to be part of the plan that makes you feel confident and more amazing than ever.

Our brow and lash services at the top Tulsa Botox salon are top tier. We offer last tint and lift, which can give your eyelashes the appearance of having mascara on them at all times of the day and night. This is extremely helpful if you are looking to save time in the mornings so that you do not have to apply several coats of mascara to achieve a certain look. the awesome thing about our Lash Services is that our tint and lift actually last a very long time, anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks, or until your last grows out completely.

The eyelash tint that we use here at the top Tulsa Botox salon as well as the Lash lift solution, Actually promotes growth of your eyelashes and helps them to get longer. The reason is because the ingredients within our product actually enhances the length of your eyelashes and increases the strength of them so that they do not fall out as easily. Not only does our last tint solution make you appear as if you always have mascara on, but our last lift solution makes you appear if you always have your eyelashes curled.

in mind that this is an doing Eyelash extension if that is something that you are not willing to do. A lot of people claim that eyelash extensions make your eyelashes fall out, and also can be extremely heavy and uncomfortable. For that reason lash lift and tint are both excellent options for creating the eyelash look that you are looking for.

If you would like to learn more about our long list of services and products as well as get a more in-depth description of those products and services, we would love for you to check out our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ that provides all of our information and a list of products and services that we provide. We would also love to connect with you over the phone if you would like to dial US by phone number at 918-409-2604, and one of our amazing friendly customer service Representatives will be more than happy to talk to you and get you set up with your absolutely free consultation today.

Top Tulsa Botox | MIcroneedling

Revitalize Medical Spa does have the top Tulsa botox spa, but we also have an amazing service called microneedling. Micro needling is very special because it can be used on all skin types. It can even be used on sensitive skin types, dry skin types, oily skin types, and much more. microneedling is intended to heal acne and acne scars as well as fine lines, and wrinkles. We can also reduce and even eliminate the appearance of stretch marks on your body and it can also reduce pore size and the appearance of hyperpigmentation. The reason microneedling works is because we use the best machinery and Technology to do our micro needling.

Just as we do with our Botox as the top Tulsa Botox spa, we use the best machinery and Technology in every procedure that we do. This includes micro needling. The reason that we are so good at micro needling and our effects are so strong and the results are not so good is because of the fact that our staff are very highly trained and are awesome at what they do. Our team members are so amazing because of the fact that they all have college experience and certificates in what they do. Many of them have medical field related degrees, such as registered nurses, physicians, dermatology, and estheticians. Our team is very proud of the work that they do and they are always going to do their best to provide you with excellent service.

Our team’s number one priority when they are giving you the top Tulsa Botox service is to make sure that what you get is something that makes you extremely happy and confident in yourself and your appearance. we want to do nothing less than make you extremely satisfied and happy about the results that you get. Our number one goal is to make you so happy that you work with instant confidence. For that reason, our results are instant and can be as soon as you leave the office.

Micro needling is very safe and fast and works very well on all types of skin in the top Tulsa Botox. The reason the micro needling works is because it promotes production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which is what creates the youthful book of skin bouncing back to its original shape. in intern, this can reduce wrinkles and wrinkle appearance. A serious obsession is recommended to achieve the look that you are going for but you will definitely see the changes after just one session.

the best way to get started as fast as possible on your micro-needling services is to go ahead and hop on our website https://revitalizemedicalspa.com/ to check out our list of services and products, where you can also book an online consultation that is absolutely free of charge. we would also love for you to get in contact with us today over the phone by dialing the phone number 918-409-2604 and we would be happy to help you.