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Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we are proud to have the Top Tulsa Botox in a skilled team to assist you. we understand not everyone can visit the Tulsa location. that’s why I would Revitalize Medical Supply way of opened up more locations, including broken arrow, tulsa, and alamosa. I’m looking for a more information about our services, botox, or even payment you can visit our website. we also offer Facebook and Instagram social media sites that way you can gain to the full knowledge before it even schedule any consultation, which is a gift from us. a gift from us to you would be your free consultation, we want to ensure that you have all the information before scheduling with us.

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Top Tulsa Botox | Use The Best Of The Best

If you’re tired of those fine lines and wrinkles we encourage you to visit the Top Tulsa Botox to truly enhance your natural beauty. here at Revitalize Medical Spa our Focus is to ensure that your confidence is shining from within, and your cosmetic needs are met. that’s why we have hundred a very high developed and successful team for you. our skill sets are Beyond imaginable, along with different services for you. are Botox becomes highly recommended before our clients as we have great testimonials for before and after. our clientele is always loved happy, successful, and truly feeling confident. we want you to leave with a smooth and confident facial expression. Your goals are our goals!

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Revitalize Medical Spa being the Top Tulsa Botox center for you comes with a highly skilled team. Within our Tulsa location we have Crista Hobbs PA-C, Niki Branstetter LMT, Miranda Hunter LE, and Aimee Funderbunk. Here at our spa our lady’s work very hard to ensure your success on your cosmetic journey. they are all very highly skilled individuals, who are the best in their field for Revitalize Medical Spa. on our website you can find a more detailed description on each of our professionals, and their professional inquiries. our team won Center that you are feeling comfortable with our team, that’s why we offer free consultations.

If you’re looking for a place to get rid of those aging lines then we offer the Top Tulsa Botox. We offer a variety of specials, but we were to ensure you are getting your money worth. this is why we offer memberships for our clients. we offer a standard membership which is $100 a month, which fees go towards your services along with a 10% off of all services. for a deluxe membership is $150 a month again the fees go towards your services, along with a 15% off all services. Because who doesn’t want to save some money?

If you are truly looking for the best of the best we urge you to visit us at Revitalize Medical Spa in tulsa. if you’re interested in our services entertain we highly recommend you reach out for your gift. our gift to you is a free consultation with our team, which you can schedule by calling our Tulsa location at 918-409-2604 or visiting our website at When visiting our website you can also find our clientele testimonials like previously talked about, along with other services that you are looking into. we have a menu and services tab, along with our memberships tab. for all the information you need you can visit our website.