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Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we realize that we are the Top Tulsa Botox company available due to our customer views. If you go online you can see tons of five star ratings and everyone can’t stop ranting and raving about how much they love Revitalize Medical Spa. We hire the best people to make sure that all of our jobs are done not only correctly but correctly the first time an expedited. If you come to Revitalize Medical Spa you’re going to build get a free personalized consultation along with a custom treatment plan that is made by a licensed physician. If you come in for Botox for the first time you also get 10 for units of Botox on your first visit. Don’t just take our word for it listen everyone online and realize the Revitalize Medical Spa is the only place for you take your skin care needs.

Top Tulsa Botox is aware commonly referred to as because of our amazing Botox treatments, but that’s not all we do. If you want to come here for your skin care needs, so you’re going to be amazingly satisfied with all the services they receive. Whenever you come in to make sure that your skincare needs to take her to see the bill take care you did all the five-star views of have with all of our clients online. Five star ratings are due to her high diligence that we take with everything one of our clients and make sure that we take them there customer satisfaction guarantee we know the whenever a client comes in their gonna leave happy. Whenever you come in to get a free personalized consultation from a licensed physician with a customized treatment plan is very specific to your body type in what you need.

If you’re looking for the Top Tulsa Botox you are now the Revitalize Medical Spa is the best, but if you’re looking for laser treatments were also number one as well. It is not her for getting the Lumecca which is an intense pulsed light or IPL that drives up to three times more energy another glasses class with this treatment you can expect clearance in your skin only one to sessions you had your entire life compared to the four or five than other companies. Companies constantly say that they’re the best, but we do is make sure that we are the fastest and the best out of all them. Which makes everyone keep coming back.

If you’re looking to have the best permanent makeup possible this company is what’s going to be the best for you. You come in for free consultation if eyeliner I shatter or even lipstick is going to be the best choice for you whenever you come to permit a makeup. Save hundreds of hours a year on not having to do makeup in the morning or you go out. Know the permanent makeup not only is going to be on you 24 seven but it’s also look flawless 24 seven.

If you like talk Revitalize Medical Spa all you do is reach out to us on our website at or by phone at (918) 409-2604.

Top Tulsa Botox | is it time for you to get a facelift today?

Top Tulsa Botox is constantly what are friends and is referred to as. Know that if you come the Revitalize Medical Spa are gonna take complete care of you with our customer satisfaction guarantee. Everything one of our clients leaves happy no matter what. Free personalized consultations with a custom treatment plan from a licensed physician is something that everyone gets on the first time in. Also that your first time coming and get Botox are able to receive free 10 units of Botox in her first visit. Where so confident that you will love our treatment process that you’ll come back for more. If you don’t take our word for you can also look online at all the five-star reviews that we constantly have. We take care of every single client walks in the door is obvious whenever you look at all the testimonies online that were very seriously how we treat our

Top Tulsa Botox is a Revitalize Medical Spa is definitely great at, but we are also amazing of things like skincare. If you come see one of our amazing dermatologist Lindsay Blankenship or Krista Hobbs are going to have an amazing time. But for dermatologist graduate from Stanford and want to do their best to bring dermatology inspires and encourages many people as possible. He went all their calls to feel like they’re receiving life-changing results without stepping foot in a doctors office. It is exactly why we only use road in and fill skincare conclusively. Both physician systems that work in the medical spa industry of user data fields of experience such amazing results of that’s all we want our clients to use.

Top Tulsa Botox is or may scab but don’t forget our laser treatments. If you come in for laser treatment such as our Forma treatment you’re going to get new collagen and for your skin laxity for long-lasting resolve. Form is a thermal skin treatment that is also adjusting and noninvasive. For me is radiofrequency to flow between electrodes and tighten up your skin. You can expect immediate results in a comfortable experience. Which a small amount of time this device can make you look younger and feel way better by yourself.

If you come to Revitalize Medical Spa you can also expect us to have some really good permanent makeup options for you as well. Come in for free consultation see if eyeliner I shatter even lipstick is something that you would like to look into. Whenever you come and try all of our products are going to see that her permanent makeup is something I was one of the most rewarding. Every time you wake up all Lindsley go to sleep you not only can have make it on but you’re going to look flawless while doing it. Come and see if it’s an option for you a Revitalize Medical Spa.

If you’d like to reach out Revitalize Medical Spa it is very simple if dues that our website at or you can visit us on the phone at (918) 409-2604. We very much look forward to helping you and your family with all your skincare needs.