If you’re truly looking for one of the Top Tulsa Botox they’re like no further because here at revitalized Medical Spa we want to ensure that we are here to assist you. They have a team of very highly skilled women and individuals to assist you on your cosmetic dream path. We want to assure you that our services are the best of the best, being backed up by testimonials. We truly care about our customers and their success. We want you to be feeling confident and let your inner beauty shine no matter the external issues that you may have within yourself or with anything else. Here at revitalized Medical Spa we can ensure that your success is our success. we want to make your cosmetic goals our goals, and crush them together.

One of the reasons we take pride in being the Top Tulsa Botox Is due to our compassion with our clientele. We find pride in taking time to make personal relationships with our clients, that way they can better succeed themselves. Unlike other appointments we don’t want you to feel rushed, and welcome, or unheard. This is why in consultations we take time to listen, enter all questions that you may have and truly hear you out. By doing so we can get to know you better and you can understand our company more in the procedures. Our team wants you to feel comfortable, safe, and confident with what you’re choosing.

If you’re truly wanting to feel like JLO one day then the Top Tulsa Botox is going to be your best choice. Our team here at Revitalize Medical Spa believes that everyone is unique in their own way, special! So that means when you schedule a treatment with us for a Botox we want to ensure that you have your own plan. and believing that everyone is individual we also believe that everyone has their own individual plan. something like other offices you will not all have the same treatment course, when you work with us on your consultation we want you to have your own unique plan for yourself. you have different ones and needs than others May have, and we understand this. We will consult with you on what you may want, while working with the best possible solution.

When it comes to pricing and saving money we understand you want to get your bucks worth here at the Top Tulsa Botox. This is why we offer a special membership for members. We understand that members and clients who come in to get BOTOX are going to be annually, as it is not a one and done type of deal for botox treatments. Prime memberships offer a standard and Deluxe package. For our standard membership you’re paying $100 a month, which those fees are going towards your services. with the standard membership you received 10% off all services. With Deluxe membership you are receiving 15% off all services! what’s a $50 difference, again which is going towards your fees.

If you are truly interested in working with revitalized medical spots and finding your best self, along with your inner confidence we urge you to reach out to us. We truly are passionate about helping you and your cosmetic journey, along with you finding your inner confidence and letting it shine! You can schedule your appointment with us by calling 918-409-2604 or visit our website at RevitalizeMedicalspa.com.

Top Tulsa Botox | Be Your Best Self

Here at Revitalize Medical Spa we take pride in being one of the Top Tulsa Botox for our area. If you’re looking for a truly skilled team to better help you with your cosmetic journey, then you have found the right place. Here at revitalized Medical Spa are women and individuals who are truly passionate about helping you achieve your goals. we make your goals our goals, therefore we smash every problem as we go. We take pride in ensuring that our customers and clients are 100% satisfied and comfortable, and even confident! We take pride in being the best of the best. Here at Revitalize we have a very well developed and highly skilled team of individuals who are going to help you succeed.

One of the main reasons we are the Top Tulsa Botox is to show compassion for our clientele. We understand that it can be hard financially here and there, this is why we offer cherry. with cherry and Revitalize Medical Spa we offer you treatment now and pay later. We want to let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow in your paycheck when you pay in smaller yet more manageable monthly installments. Cherry is easy as it has no hard credit check, very high approval rate, flexible payment options, and you can even get approved in seconds! you can work with cherry by choosing a month to month payment plan with qualifying 0% APR options.

If you’re looking for testimonials as to why we are the Top Tulsa Botox then Revitalize Medical Spa can provide that for you. We take pride in helping others succeed, as your best interest is at heart. When you visit our website you can see that we have testimonials, also known as before and after. On here you can find written testimonials from current and past clientele that we have helped succeed in their cosmetic journey. along with these testimonials we offer before and after pictures of most if not all of our provided services cosmetically. winter that you have all the information that you need before scheduling with us, or deciding.

Top Tulsa Botox Also known as Revitalize Medical Spa understands the consistency. We want to be persistent with our treatments and your successful results. as making your goals articles we strive to smash every issue that may arise. This is why we also went to offer you memberships. When it comes to memberships, they’re based towards Botox treatments as Botox are not a one and done type of deal. as you know it needs to be persistent in order to see results. but our memberships offer a standard membership which is $100 a month, which fees go towards additional services also receiving a 10% off all services. with our Deluxe membership is $150, with a 15% off all services. we ensure that you utilize all tools necessary to ensure your success here.

We hope we can assist you in all needs necessary, and be with you every step of the way of this process. We are excited that you are truly wanting to find your inner confidence, and let it shine. We want to give a free gift to you as we will schedule you a free consultation. If you want to schedule a free consultation in Tulsa you can contact us at 918-409-2604 or visit our website at Revitalize medicalspa.com. for more information on other locations or testimonials you can feel free to look through our website.