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Become the company name you’ll realize is really quick that we are the Top Tulsa Botox company in the entire area due to how much we care about our clients. Whenever you come into our company are going to see that we make sure all of our clients are very well taken care of. You can see online that all the five star rating so we’ve constantly taking care of every single patient we’ve ever seen. Know for a fact whenever you come in we have a customer satisfaction guarantee. Whenever you come in for whatever procedure were going to build a help you out and make sure that you leave feeling like 1000 bucks. Whenever you come in you’re going to get a free personalized consultation from a licensed physician and a custom treatment plan that is specifically for you. If that doesn’t do it for you are all semi-written for units of Botox to go to your injections for your first visit. Just know that whatever your skincare need Revitalize Medical Spa is going to be the company to take you where you want to be.

Top Tulsa Botox is what Revitalize Medical Spa is all about. Whenever you come in to get your Botox injections your first visit is going to conclude 10 for units of Botox, but on top of that were going to build a get up rid of all those bunny lives in Russia knows upper lip lines around the mouth eyebrows crow speed and even your four head. Whenever you get Botox or Revitalize Medical Spa you’re going to go see results of last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Botox injections are used primarily to be able to reduce the number of wrinkles, but there are also other facts you’re able to get from it as well. These are the fact that you’re able to get less migraines if your body is prone to them.

Top Tulsa Botox customers know that they went Revitalize Medical Spa. But on top of that we also have amazing laser treatments for you as well. We have five different lasers to help treat different skin problems, and one of those is the formal laser. If you’re trying to get a new collagen improve your skins elasticity for a long lasting results form is a laser for you. For Mrs. caramel skin treatment that is an auto adjusting and noninvasive treatment of these radiofrequency to flow between electrodes and tighten up skin. He can expect immediate results in comfortable experience. Which is a small amount on this device can make you look years younger and make you feel that much better.

Whenever you come to Revitalize Medical Spa we also do things such as permanent makeup was an option for you. You can come in for free consultation to build a sea of lipstick I shatter eyeliner something that you might be interested in. Whenever you get permanent makeup you’re going to see how many hours they are able to receive on a weekly basis by not putting on makeup. Just know that if you come to Revitalize Medical Spa for your permanent makeup means you’re going to be very satisfied with the results. It

If you would like to get a hold Revitalize Medical Spa all you do is calls on (918) 409-2604 reach out to us on our website at

Top Tulsa Botox | take control your skincare health today or would you rather wait?

Top Tulsa Botox I Revitalize Medical Spa were to build make sure that you’re well taken care of on a daily basis whenever you come to us. If you look online you’ll see all of our top satisfaction customers are going to be leaving five-star reviews constantly. Whenever you come in there is a customer satisfaction guarantee with everyone that walks in. Whenever you come in to get a free personalized consultation with the customized treatment plan that is placed by a licensed physician seen other whatever plan that you get is completely made for your body specifically. On top of our customer satisfaction guarantee your first time and really you 10 for units of Botox to go towards your injections. If that’s not enough you definitely need to look online what everyone sang about Revitalize Medical Spa. We are definitely the company take care of you at any of your skincare needs.

Top Tulsa Botox customers know that they went to Revitalize Medical Spa. However on top of our Botox injections are going to be able to come in and get skincare. If you come to one of our two dermatologist Lindsay Blankenship or Krista Hobbs you’re going to be an amazing hands. But for dermatologist graduate from Stanford wanted the best ring dermatology inspired skincare to many people as possible. They went all their clients receive life-changing results without stepping into a doctor’s office. We proudly only serve wrote in fields skincare exclusively because of that reason. Both physician assistants at work in the medical sponge reviews right in fields and have experienced at such amazing results is all we want our clients to use. If you’re looking to get skincare needs taken care of you need to come to Revitalize Medical Spa.

Top Tulsa Botox is a Revitalize Medical Spa is all about however we also do other things such as laser treatments. Depending on what have a skin condition you have we have over five lasers that are billed to help you one example is our formal laser if you’re trying to get new collagen improve your skin elasticity for last a really long time form is the laser for you. It’s a thermal skin treatment that is auto adjusting and noninvasive. It uses radiofrequency to flow between electrodes to make sure that elasticity in your skin last a very long time. You can expect immediate results in a comfortable experience when you come into Revitalize Medical Spa. Which a small amount of time this device can make you look years younger like you haven’t felt in a really long time.

Also whenever you come to Revitalize Medical Spa don’t forget to come check out our permanent makeup. Our free consultations for eyeliners eyeshadow and lipstick is going to really change your life. All the hours you going to save on a weekly basis of not putting on makeup is going to be the first thing you’ll notice and make you feel amazing. On top of that you’re going to have the freedom to be able to feel amazing from the second you wake up all into go to bed knowing that you not only have on make it but you look perfect at the same time.

You like contact Revitalize Medical Spa all you do is look at a website a company website or you can go to our phones at (918) 409-2604.