Revitalize medical spa In Tulsa Oklahoma, and Alamosa Colorado,has a very specific mission. We passionately believe in helping women age gracefully, empowering women, remaining looking natural, and keeping our patients comfortable and confident! In order to do so, we must start with Tulsa anti-aging skin care that is proven safe and effective! As the co-owners of Revitalize Medical Spa are active and experienced certified physician assistants, this Tulsa anti- aging Medical Spa finds it the utmost importance for skin care to undergo vigorous clinical trials, be medical grade, and again be proven safe AND effective. Our Tulsa anti-aging recommendation of choice is exclusively Rodan + Fields skincare products.

Schedule a free Tulsa anti-aging skincare consultation that is personalized and customized by one of our licensed PAs today! The next step in Tulsa anti- aging is Tulsa Botox. Tulsa Botox inhibits contraction of the small muscles of the face, preventing wrinkle creation. After about seven days of receiving your Tulsa Botox, you will notice you can no longer contract the muscles and develop the wrinkles, so the wrinkles gently fade away and disappear! Typically, we recommend that our patients Begin their Tulsa Botox around the age of 30 for the most effective Tosta anti-aging result! It is never too late to start Tulsa Botox at Revitalize Medical spa. Schedule your free personalized, customized Tulsa Botox consultation today at Revitalize Medical spa!

Another Tulsa anti-aging technique utilizes dermal filler. Revitalize medical spa prefers Juvederm, but can use any hyaluronic acid product to fill volume that has been lost over time. This is a skill that requires an experienced injector, so Revitalize Medical spa only uses highly experienced, license, certified, PAs For this Tulsa anti-aging technique. Juvet arm can be injected in multiple areas of the face for multiple different reasons to increase volume. Schedule your free customized filler consultation today at revitalize medical spa! Lastly, revitalize medical spa offers Tulsa anti-aging services through our laser. The elite plus and Fractora laser Perform Tulsa anti- aging through resurfacing, skin tightening, and son damage/brown spot removal.

Consider Tulsa anti-aging services through revitalize medical spa to help you age gracefully, build confidence, and be in the most comfortable environment with her experience injector who is a licensed and certified PA. Schedule your free consultation to customize in personalize a Tulsa anti- aging treatment for you today!