There is no better place than Revitalize Medical Spa to get your tulsa botox! For all of our first time clients with a minimum of 20 units you get your first 10 units of botox for absolutely free. Every month we offer a 20% off product, make sure you ask your medical professional about it. you can get a free consultation, we also book online. We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have a highest Google rating, a highest Facebook rating, we are a part of the American MedSpa Association and we have a certification of excellence from the nccpa. you can age gracefully with experience medically licensed Master injectors today. We offer skin care services, injections and lasers.

What services are offered at Revitalize Medical Spa other than tulsa botox? We offer skin care, Botox and fillers, lasers, permanent makeup, IV hydration, facials, chemical peels, massages, waxing, spray tanning and brow and Lash services. We offer customer satisfaction guaranteed. you can expect to get expertise from licensed medical professionals, experience each and gracefully, and have a minimum amount of butter talks for the maximum desired effect. We can help you Revitalize your beauty regimen. We are composed of two licensed physical physician assistants and a wonderful team of registered nurses and estheticians. They all share a passion to help women build self-consciousness and age gracefully.

Can you get memberships for tulsa botox at Revitalize Medical spa? The memberships that are offered at revitalized Medical Spa include the standard membership that is $100 a month. This membership goes towards having a credit for the services that you get that month. Being a member also gives you the additional benefit of the 10% off all services. We also offered Deluxe memberships. Deluxe memberships are $150 a month and that goes towards credits for services. an additional benefit of the deluxe membership is 15% off all services. All memberships last a minimum of one year and allow patients with the consistent monthly charge to frequently lower the cost of services or to stay up for a higher cost of service.

No brainer offers for all of our first time clients as a first 10 units of Botox for free. This is a minimum of 20 units. you can book online, learn more about this, and schedule your free consultation all on our website today. you can experience aging gracefully with experienced medically licensed Master injectors. with our range of skin care injections and lasers we really are able to be set apart from other Medical spas. Whether you’re looking to get a massage, Botox retaining and lashes in one day, this is the one place that you can do it. if you’re looking for permanent makeup and IV hydration and facial again this is the one place where you can do it all. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.

For more information or to book a free consultation please visit our website at call us at 918-409-2604 for more information on how you can get up to 10 units of Botox for free.

Tulsa Botox | Memberships & Payment Plans

We offer the first 10 units of tulsa botox for free for all of our first time clients. This is a minimum of 20 units. you can book online, and schedule your free consultation. don’t forget to ask for a better 20% off product of the month. At Revitalize Medical Spa we can help you age gracefully with experienced, medically licensed Master injectors. We offer a range of services from skin care, injections and lasers. We also offer customer satisfaction guaranteed. You can get expertise from licensed medical professionals who experience aging gracefully and receive the minimum amount of Botox for the maximum desired effect.

What payment options are offered at revitalized Medical Spa when it comes to tulsa botox? Revitalize Medical Spa and Sherry have started to treat now pay later. you can buy now and pay monthly. you can let your money for them and take better control whenever you’re able to pay in a manageable smaller monthly installment. This Cherry is a quick application, no hard credit check, flexible payment options and a higher approval rate. It works by choosing a range from monthly payments with some qualifying for as low as 0% apr. We have a super fast application process so you’ll be enjoying your purchase in no time. All we need from you is an ID and a mobile phone number to get started. Once you’re approved you are able to manage your payment options and stay under control up to 24/7 with access to the cherry patient portal that is 100% self-served.

We offer flexible payment options for any budget when it comes to tulsa botox. If you have a great credit score you can experience 0% apr. A great credit score is 700 over a period if you have a good credit score of 660 to 699. you can experience A 12% APR and if you have okay credit with a 520 to 6:59 then your APR will be 29.99%. These are only examples and your actual rates will awfully depend on your credit score. These are just estimates and your actual plan will be determined by your credit score whenever you apply for cherry.

Revitalize Medical Spa off your skin care, brow and lash services, spray tanning, waxing, massage, chemical peels, facials, IP hydration, permanent makeup, lasers and botox fillers. We can go above and beyond to make sure that every single service that you experience with us is what sets us apart. We are the only place in Tulsa Oklahoma where you can go and get a free tan, wax massage and facial on one day. or an IV hydration laser and Botox one day. We can make it happen here by vitalizing medical spots. For your first time with us you get up to 10 units of Botox for free. don’t miss out on this no-brainer offer.

You can visit our website for more information at We offer payment plans, membership fees, and you can see all the client testimonials by checking out our website. don’t forget about our new brainer offer.
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