Revitalize medical spa in downtown Alamosa is proud to offer this San Luis Valley is only full-service medical spa! There is no need to travel for your medical aesthetic needs any longer including Alamosa Botox! Alamosa Botox May make some people nervous because of the unknown. Most individuals don’t realize about Alamosa Botox and Botox in general is that revitalize medical spa injects Botox to help our patients age gracefully. The end goal of Alamosa Botox is not to look fake or like you have had some interventions done.

Alamosa Botox strictly paralyzes the very small muscles in the face decreasing wrinkle formation and overtime relaxing wrinkles. The entire procedure for Alamosa Botox only takes about 10 minutes. Lindsay Blankenship, PA – C is highly experienced and will keep you comfortable and confident in your alamosa Botox treatment. It is important to be confident in your provider and know that they are experienced and have a high reputation. This is our expectation of our providers at revitalize medical spa, and they continue to satisfy her patients. Botox has been around since the 80s, but being in a small rural town, it still may feel new. Revitalize medical spa only uses FDA approved Botox and takes pride in the medical license, experience, and confidence of our injectors.

Alamosa Botox can help Reduce the signs of aging and fatigue. Revitalize medical spas patients are consistently and continuously pleasantly surprised with the speed and comfort of their Alamosa Botox treatments. Book your Alamosa Botox appointment today at revitalize medical spa!

Botox can be a scary subject when you are not informed. Let’s get all of our fears out-of-the-way and educate ourselves on Botox cosmetic. Revitalize medical spa in Tulsa Oklahoma offers Tulsa Botox by experiences, licensed physician assistant, Crista Hobbs.  Crista Hobbs has been a licensed PA for 10 years, and certified in medical aesthetic’s for six years. She has been performing Tulsa Botox and has much expertise with her medical license and experience. Botox cosmetic is an in activated version of botulism. Just think about vaccines, activated versions of the virus.  Botox is comparable to botulism in such a way. At Revitalize Medical Spa, Tulsa Botox is injected with the minimum out of product for the maximum desired result.  We are trained to inject the Tulsa Botox in the muscle to temporarily paralyze the small facial muscle. Our Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox is FDA approved.  The Botox will block the nerve from telling the muscle to contract. After the small facial muscles are not constantly flexing, and the wrinkles are not constantly being creased, the wrinkles will soften and eventually disappear. The Botox lives in the synapse, blocking the signal for approximately 3-6 months, until it is metabolized and resorbed.  Our Tulsa Botox is not systemic. It stays where injected.

What does our injections of Tulsa Botox feel like? We use the smallest 31 gauge needle that is typically used for insulin. It is a slight stick and staying, that should feel minimal pain, less than to be staying. The Tulsa Botox has a very minor burn as it is injected. You may immediately noticed a small bump where the Tulsa Botox was injected, but typically those bumps go down within 20 minutes. Occasionally the injection sites may be slightly sore, and you may even notice bruising. Ice and Arnica will help if you do experience this side effect. The recommendations after you receive your Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox injections are as follows: do you not exercise vigorously for the rest of the day, as we do not want your heart rate to get high and metabolize the Tulsa Botox before it sets. We also recommend that you do not rub the injected areas or lie flat for 4 hours so the Tulsa Botox stays where injected and does not disperse.  If any side effects such as allergic reaction, infection with fever, or major inflammatory response occur, we as licensed prescribing providers we will call you in an appropriate prescription. Do not hesitate to contact Revitalize Medical Spa if you have any concerns after you receive your Tulsa Botox.  The earlier you start Botox, the less you will require, and the more preventative the measure is.

Here at Revitalize Medical Spa, we take pride in our Tulsa Botox patient satisfaction. We have had many patients try Tulsa Botox elsewhere, but then return to us because they do not receive the same result.  We only offer the highest quality product, and our Tulsa Botox is never diluted. We guarantee satisfaction, and will always see our Tulsa Botox clients for touchups if they don’t have the desired result.

There are several types of filler products out on the market. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa, we use FDA approved juvederm filler products. Filler can be utilized in many different areas of the face to achieve a more youthful voluminous effect. Letʼs start by chatting about the different types of filler that are available through Juvederm.

One of the most popular filler products used here at Revitalize Medical Spa, is Juvederm Volbella. It is sold in a full syringe and half syringe and is mostly injected into the lips for a more voluminous, soft, kissable lip. It can also be utilized in the vertical lip lines as well as in the tear trough area. The majority of patients who want a little bit of lip volume without going overboard will utilize 0.55 mL syringe of Volbella.

This is a conservative approach and after the swelling recedes over a 2 to 3 week time period, the injector will reassess and determine if more Juvederm Volbella may be utilized. The next type of filler utilized here at Revitalize Medical Spa is Juvederm Ultra and Ultra plus. Juvederm Ultra is used to fill small to medium , semi chronic lines around the mouth and jaw. It has more structure and affinity for water and will fill single lines really well. Ultra plus is used for the more chronic deep lines around the mouth and jaw. It is used to build structure through the wrinkle and lift it to appear as an even surface. Juvederm Ultra in Juvederm Ultra Plus are only packaged and sold by the full syringe. Juvéderm ultra can also be used in the lips if the client has poor lip structure or very small lips. I will utilize Juvederm ultra first to establish structure and then proceed with Volbella for finesse.

The next type of filler used here at Revitalize Medical Spa is Juvederm Vollure. It is an 18 month filler that is specifically made for the nasolabial folds and marionette area. This is a softer filler that has a low affinity for water and does not change much shape after being injected. Vollure is not recommended for those who have significant nasal labial fold lines. Usually one syringe can be utilized at a time, however there are times that more than one syringe need to be utilized. This is a great filler that provides necessary volume but essential softness.

Lastly I would like to discuss Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm Voluma is mostly utilized for cheek volume, tear troughs, the non-surgical nose job, and loss of volume in the chin or around the jowls. It is a two-year filler that is typically injected in phases here at Revitalize Medical Spa. It is used to fill a large space with lots of volume in areas such as the cheeks and chin and even sometimes the temples. It does have good structure but maintains softness and spreadability into the soft tissues for a nice volumized sleek look.

Of course here at Revitalize Medical Spa. Each patient receives the same customized, personal consultation to discuss what effects are wanted using Juvederm filler prior to injecting. A conservative method approach is a used and carried out over several weeks time.