Only look for your Tulsa Botox at Revitalize medical spa. With three locations in two different states, it is a fact that our office is sought after and in high demand. We offer memberships, treatment instructions, payment plans, and many other services besides Botox. However, for your first appointment, you can receive your first 10 units of Botox for free with a minimum of 20 units for first time clients. We have the opportunity for you to schedule a free consultation online or whenever you can give our friendly customer service representatives a call and we suggest that you do.

What other Tulsa botox office offers 20% off products every month? It may not be every product every month, but we do have a specific product planned each month that you will pay 20% off upon purchasing. Our office works with organizations such as the American med spa association and the BBB. We believe in aging gracefully and are medically licensed and master injectors. We will be sure to give your face that exact treatment. The idea is not to fill your face up with as much Botox as possible, it is about our professionals determining which placement and how much product is needed for your face.

Many people do not think Tulsa Botox can include skin care. For every blank canvas, you need a good primer or a good starting point. Skin care is the starting point and the foundation for makeup, injections, and lasers. We have aestheticians on site who will be able to help you out with a regiment that is fit for your face and body, and can give you more information than what can be found by a quick Google search. You will love our injections as they are carefully placed, as well as offer maximum effect and instant results.

You may not realize that our office can offer much more than skin care, Botox, and lasers. If you were in the market for a permanent make up or IV hydration, then you need to give us a call. If you are needing facials, massages, or waxing, our aestheticians can help with that. If you were looking for a quick spray, tan or brow lift services, you need not call anybody else. We can help with all of these things as well as weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. There really is nothing that we cannot do. We also like to add that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer many benefits and you will be able to reap those benefits whenever you give us a call today at the number 918-409-2604 to schedule your free consultation with us today. If you would like to see all of our other services and benefits, be sure to check it out online at We look forward to meeting you as well as treating you. Do not make the mistake of going to the wrong place for your Botox. You do not want to end up with the wrong product in your face.

Tulsa Botox | Beautiful Skin

When it comes to your Botox, you should only go with the best Tulsa Botox that is available. We are more than happy to announce that revitalize medical spa is the place to receive the best Botox out there. With three offices in two different states, it is easy to say that our office is in high demand. We offer memberships, treatment instructions, payment plans, and so much more when it comes to services that we can provide. We are happy to announce that your first 10 units of Botox are free for our first time clients with a minimum of 20 units used.

You should only be receiving a Tulsa botox from license professionals. We have licensed professionals to say the least, as well as masterful artists when it comes to injections. Our company works with organizations, such as the BBB and American Medspa Association. We have the experience of aging gracefully, as well as all you need to know about skincare, injections, and lasers. You can learn more whenever you schedule your free consultation with us today. We not only provide skin care, Botox, and lasers, but we offer so much more. If you were in the market for permanent, make up or IV hydration, then we are the people to call.

Can our Tulsa Botox office provide spray, tans, and brow and lash services? Absolutely. We can also help with weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. The number one goal for us is customer satisfaction guaranteed and that is very hard to find in the medical spa industry. We also believe in a minimum amount of Botox or product for the maximum desired effect. Revitalize your regimen by coming to our aestheticians and learning what products are best suited for your lifestyle and your skin. We believe in aging gracefully and that is not what we are going to help you with.

Our clients over the years have been more than satisfied with our treatments from loving our professionalism to appreciating and respect for our clients. Our education for our field is clear through each license professional that operates on our clients and we take that as a number one priority. any question will be answered, as well as any knowledge you were looking for can be obtained by one of our medical professionals. Do not take an Internet search for a heart when you can schedule consultation and get true knowledge from a professional for free. We would also love for you to ask us about our 20% off product of the month whenever you call and schedule your consultation.

To benefit from our med spa, give us a call when you dial our Tulsa location at the number 918-409-2604 and speak with our friendly customer service representative about how you can schedule that free consultation. You can also check out the specifics of the services we provide whenever you go online to our website at as well as learn more about our 20% off product of the month. There is something for everyone who loves the beauty industry and we look forward to meeting you and giving you your desired outcome.