Revitalize Medical Spa offers tulsa botox, plus so much more! You can experience medically licensed extra injectors that do a range of skin care services, injections, and Laser services. This medical spa operates with two license position assistance and a team of registered nurses and estheticians. Some of the benefits you can experience are expertise from licensed medical professionals, aging gracefully, and having the minimum amount of Botox for the maximum desired effects. We have a no-brainer offer for all of our first time clients when you get your first 10 units of Botox for you at the purchase of a minimum of 20. don’t forget to ask about our 20% special product of the month.

Some of the reasons why tulsa botox may not be recommended for you would be if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a flare up of psoriasis or eczema on that certain treatment area, if you are experiencing motor weakness in the treatment area, if there happens to be an infection in the treatment area, there is keloid scarring, or if you’re experiencing allergies or a neuromuscular disorder. The only reason that we may not recommend this for you at the time so you don’t experience pain discomfort where bad reaction. Botox is a very safe and very popular injectable, these are the only reasons where it may not be recommended for you.

What should I do before and after I receive treatment for tulsa botox? When you are preparing to have a Botox treatment done we ask that you stop taking any anti-inflammatories, aspirin or ibuprofen, and any herbal supplements at least 5 days before your treatment. We ask that you stop this before your treatment to reduce any risk of bruising that you may experience.After your treatment you can expect your swelling to go down in about 10 to 15 minutes. We asked that you have an aggressive impact for at least 24 hours. do you not scrub the area then I of your treatment. we recommend that if you’re feeling any soreness that you may apply ice. and if you’re experiencing bruising we recommend arnica. On average Botox will take about 7 to 10 days to take effect. Botox has been known to last at least 90 days on average. We do not perform touch-ups for a minimum of at least 14 days after your Botox treatment.

I would definitely recommend Revitalize Medical Spa for any of your self-care needs. you can age gracefully with experience, medically licensed master injectors. This is the only place where you can get your brows and lashes done, a spray tan, wax and massage in one day. or if you’re looking to do a facial on a chemical peel get an IV hydration and maybe I have a laser treatment that is also allowed. We have customer satisfaction guaranteed and we promise that we are eager and ready to get you closer to your skin care dreams.

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Tulsa Botox | First 10 Units Of Botox Free

We offer a satisfaction guarantee when it comes to tulsa botox, fillers, lasers, permanent makeup, skin care, I dehydration, facials, massages, chemical peels, waxing, spray tanning, brow services and Lash services. This truly sets us apart compared to other medical supplies. We have a new brainer offer for your first 10 units of Botox free with the purchase of 20. When you visit us you can experience expertise from licensed medical professionals, aging gracefully, and having the minimum amount of Botox for the maximum desired effect. We have two licensed physician assistants and a team of registered nurses and estheticians that are all eager to help women build self-confidence.

How much is tulsa botox? at Revitalize Medical Spa Botox is $12 a unit. with your first visit you get 10 units for you when you purchase 20. For example, you don’t need just one unit and that’s where a lot of misconceptions come from. it takes a lot of units to be able to apply the desired effect that you’re looking for. The standard for head treatments for Botox are usually about a hundred and $20. The standard crow’s feet is about $144 and the standard glabella is about $144. For a vital medical spa make sure that you get the minimum amount of Botox that you need for the maximum desired effects.

What other services are offered at Revitalize Medical Spa other than tulsa botox? Revitalize Medical Spa also offers xeominAnd that is $12 a unit and dysport which is $4 a unit. We also offered lip filler, her lip fellow runs for $700. We offered Juvederm full bella, Juvederm ultra, and restylane kysse. We also offer the Peoria lines filler, the teardrop filler, cheek chin and jawline filler in these ranges from about $700 to $800. We offer a fire and ice chemical peel and a foaming enzyme chemical peel and both of these are going to be 100. We offer a vitalize pill for 175 and our facial starts at $70 and goes all the way up to $225. We offer a durable painting facial, a black facial, combination facial, sensitive calm skin facial, and acne problem clear skin facial, and an anti-aging firm skin facial. Our Diamond go facial starts at 175 and goes up to 225.

We also offer micro-needling. microneedling for the face is $300, micronating for the face of the neck is $450, and if you’re looking for the face, neck and chest it’s about 600. We also offer add-ons. For the face you can do extractions for $35, and dermal planes were 30. We also offer lash lift and tinting services for $80 in brow lamination for $100 dollars. We also have all kinds of laser services, as well as hormonal and weight loss supplements, and Elite and brown spot removal.

If you’d like more information or would like to speak to one of our medical professionals you can always visit our website at here you can see our menu of services that are offered, prices and more. call us today at 918-409-2604.