Why would someone get Botox?

Botulinum toxin A is an FDA approved product used to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the face. It is injected and used as a paralytic to paralyze the muscles that create wrinkles. Why would someone get Botox? There are several different reasons why Botox is utilized. Botox was not always used cosmetically. It was first developed to use in modern medicine for things such as vocal cord spasms and sphincters spasms. It was later noted that if it can control involuntary muscle movement then it can be used for voluntary muscle movement. It can also be used for certain types of medical conditions like muscular dystrophy, migraine headaches and TMJ. These treatments should be administered by a neurologist or dentist trained in specific Botox

injections for these conditions. The patient should always be sure that their injector is certified and is using FDA approved products. Here at Revitalize Medical Spa, We use it for strictly cosmetic purposes. This is to treat lines and wrinkles of the forehead, the glabella, and the crows feet. It can also be utilized to provide a small brow lift, Softening of the smile lines, vertical lip lines treatment, and dimple chin. Everyone here at Revitalize Medical Spa receives a personalized custom Botox treatment plan. Because some lines are more chronic than others, it may take more than one treatment to get the desired effect. Each patient is counseled on this and an appropriate Botox plan is created, utilizing Botox every 90 days consistently. Once desired effect is obtained, the patient then has his or her own customized plan for each treatment. Keeping in mind, that treatment plan may change slightly visit to visit depending on how the musculature reacts to the Botox administered.

Clients who are starting to think about getting Botox at a young age can get Botox for prevention. A small amount of Botox is injected into the face to help prevent any chronic lines and wrinkles from forming. It is essential that you have an experienced injector, so the desired effect is accomplished and there is no excess of product injected into the face. Again once desired effect is accomplished, other treatments can be discussed for facial volume using Juvederm filler products.

Why get Botox?

Many women in their 20s and 30s wonder why some any other friends or getting Botox in Tulsa and Botox in Alamosa. Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox is no longer something just for “older women.” Here at Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa and Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa, we went to use preventative measures and help women age gracefully. It is much easier to start Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox in your 20s had a very small amount to prevent wrinkles from beginning, then to start Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox a year 60s, and try to reverse deep wrinkles that are already there. Many young women in their 20s don’t take several preventative measures and aging including daily sunscreen, 8 glasses of water every day, and high and skin care. Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox are just as important with preventing wrinkles has daily sunscreen. Beginning Botox injections in your 20s will allow you to only require one to 2 treatments per year.

Women (and men) in their 30s typically start to notice wrinkles develop. It is at this time Botox and Alamosa Botox is intriguing, but it still may be intimidating to start such antiaging treatments and feel too early. If wrinkles are noticeable, this is the perfect time to start Botox injections. The patient will not need Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox as often nor will they need as much Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox. At this age, it is easier to address and get rid of softer wrinkles and fine lines, and these fine lines also take longer to return. Beginning Botox injections in your 30s will only require 2-3 treatments per year. Moving on to the 40s. This is when many people actually start to desire Botox. 40 year-old virgins, if you will, are delighted to receive their Tulsa Botox Alamosa Botox and even more delighted with their results in 7 days. Receiving Botox for the first time in your 40s, may require three-month follow-ups. Is it ever too late to begin Tulsa Botox or Alamosa Botox? Absolutely not! We have had many patients in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s get Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox for the first time!

Most often these patients come back in 3 months ready for there also Botox or Alamosa Botox follow-up. No matter what her age or starting point, Tulsa Botox and Alamosa Botox will reduce wrinkles, and leave the patient feeling younger, more awake, and confident! Come to Revitalize Medical Spa Tulsa or Revitalize Medical Spa Alamosa and book your appointment today! You may also always call or book online at www.revitalizemedicalspa.com!

Who gets Botox?

Tulsa Botox is injected to reduce the signs of aging from visible lines on the face. I frequently get asked at what age is it appropriate for someone to start receiving Tulsa Botox injections. I give the same answer every time. I do not recommend Tulsa Botox for clients under the age of 18, nor should they need a Tulsa Botox at that stage in their life. However there is Tulsa Botox that can be utilized for “prevention”. As soon as there are visible lines left on the face when an active motion is not being performed, that is the appropriate time for the initiation of Tulsa Botox. I always recommend a consultation with a licensed and trained medical professional to ensure that you were receiving the appropriate amount of Tulsa Botox for your specific musculature and to ensure you are not going to be over injected.

With that being said, I have injected patients in their 20s. I design a customized treatment plan and utilize the least amount of Tulsa Botox as possible for their prevention to ensure that they are aging gracefully and not looking over done. The majority of my patients start getting Tulsa Botox in their 30s. This is when the collagen production significantly decreases and the visible signs of aging are more pronounced and visible to the client. Again, personalize consultation and custom treatment plan is designed for the appropriate musculature and visible lines performed by a trained medical professional. As we continue to age into our 40s 50s and 60s collagen production continues to decrease. I always recommend an appropriate skin care regimen to help collagen boost as well as Tulsa Botox to keep the skin smooth.

If an individual decides to start Tulsa Botox at a later stage in life, there is the possibility that they would require more units for an appropriate outcome. Often times when started later in life, the lines have progressed and have become quite deep. tulsa Botox injections at this stage will more than likely require multiple treatments consistently to help soften the lines. Depending on how deep these lines are, it is often that patients require one full year of both consistent Tulsa Botox treatments to achieve optimal results. I encourage these patients to stay on a strict 90 day routine over the course of the next year to achieve these results.

In conclusion, Tulsa Botox can be utilized in patience of a wide age range. I recommend that you are evaluated by a licensed trained medical professional to ensure you have a customized treatment
plan for your optimal results.