Are you looking for Tulsa Face Tightening Laser Services that is going to improve the way you feel confident about yourself? then reach out to Revitalize Medical Spa today. We can give you consultations that are going to help you understand a little bit more about what is going to be beneficial to you. you’ll be able to speak to our professionals about injections, chemical peels, and even other types of laser treatments. Also, ask about our peptide bundles today.

Different Tulsa Face Tightening Laser services and treatments are going to be available at Revitalize Medical Spa, to see how you can get BOTOX at $13 a unit. This is something that is going to be better than any other company out there, so we would like for you to reach out to us today. You can also find out about how you can get Xiaomin at $11 to pair them, see how we have Dysport for $4.5 a unit and lip filler that is going to be at $700. For the different brands we use for our lip filler, it’s going to be Juvederm Bella and Juvederm Ultra.

Try our Tulsa Face Tightening Laser services at Revitalize Medical Spa and see how we even have it as a perioral line filler that is going to improve the way you look at yourself. This is going to be available at $700 and we use the Juvederm Vollure and the Ultra. see how we can provide you with tear top filler for 700 as well as the Valera and Volbella and we can even provide you with filler to your cheek, chin, and jawline. This is going to be $800 and we would also like to discuss our Revitalifts.

revivalists are going to be available for your full face correction and it is going to involve multiple syringes at Revitalize Medical Spa. This can be available to you for only $2,750, so what are you waiting for? see how we all have PRP which is known as platelet-rich plasma that is going to be available in different types as well. For instance, we have our topical that is 300 dollars an hour injectable. It’s going to be $450. Make sure that you ask about our Kybella as well which comes in for vials.

The first visit you have with a fly medical spa, we know that you are going to have the best experience. make sure you give us a call at the number 918-221-7121 so we can get started on everything you were looking for. We can also answer any questions such as what you can expect with your first visit from Kybella and you can also find our prices on our website at This is where you will see your first visit is $1,000, your second visit is $900, and your third visit with Kybella is going to be $100.

Tulsa Face Tightening Laser | Conservatively Recommending Services

Come to Revitalize Medical Spa if you are looking for Tulsa Face Tightening Laser services he will not find anywhere else. If you have a sculpture that is going to be available for your first visit for a hundred dollars, your second visit at $1,400, and your third visit is going to be $1,200. see how we also have a hyper dilute radius which is going to be available at $950. If you are looking for IV hydration, then understand it is going to be $175 and it’s going to be per treatment of 1,000 ml. We have different options such as our Myers cocktail and more.

get hydrated from our IV hydration at Revitalize Medical Spa, or ask about our Tulsa Face Tightening Laser services for different results. If you’re interested in immune boost, energy boost, and performance and recovery, then we know that we will have exactly what you’re looking for. You can also find plenty of chemical peels with us such as Fire and Ice that are going to be 18% glycolic acid for $100 and you can receive our clinical Prodigy pills. They come in two different options P2 at 8% glycolic acid for $150 and P3 at 14% glycolic acid for $250.

get your Tulsa Face Tightening Laser services from Revitalize Medical Spa especially if you are interested in chemical peels such as our preclinical fuel. This is going to be available for $130 and we even have a perfect Derm appeal for $300. if you’d like a boost to that, it is going to be $50 and we would like to tell you more information about our facials as well. get a one-hour spot facial from our company for only $200 and we are happy to tell you it is going to include Dermaplaning. If you have never heard of our diamond Glow, then we know that you would like to find out more information. Here is a sweet service. If you are wanting to get some planing done responsibly, then Revitalize will be the number one place for you. There is not a better choice for that than this.

The diamond glow you can get from Revitalize Medical Spa is going to be with aj5, TNS advance, and even as well as correct and poor clarifying. you can get this for $200 and we will be more than happy to tell you about the bundles that we have. Bundles such as our European beauty are going to be 2,200 and come with 100 units of Botox and two syringes of any Juvederm that you are interested in. Let us know what you are interested in.

ask our professionals at Revitalize Medical Spa when our next appointment is going to be whenever you dial the number 918-221-7121. Not only are we going to be able to answer any questions that you may have, but we would also like for you to check out the different bundles we have available on our website at Francis, you can receive our Year of Youth package which is $3,500 and comes with 100 units of Botox, 1 ml of Bella, and 1 ml of the Luma as well as three fracture treatments. Even if you have never heard of this, we know it is going to be beneficial.