Revitalize Medical Spa has been around for years and continues to expand with three current locations including Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and even also colorado. Each of these locations is able to provide each of the services that we offer including Tulsa face tightening laser treatments. We also offer injections, chemical peels, laser treatments, peptide bundles, waxing, facials, hormones and weight loss options, IV hydration and much more. Our goal here is to help you feel confident and your skin and help achieve your desired results.

All of our employees have experience with Tulsa Face Tightening Laser and all other services that we provide. Our employees use this experience during each appointment with each of our clients from our consultation all the way to the final appointment of the transformation process. During your free consultation we will discuss your desires and results as well as the appropriate services procedures in order to achieve that all while staying within your budget. We also provide payment plan options for those who are unable to pay full price at the time of their visit so that they are able to continue getting these services without the financial stress the day of.

We also offer a standard and Deluxe membership which both cover all services including the Tulsa face tightening laser treatments. Our standard membership is $100 a month with a 10% off discount and our Deluxe membership is $150 a month with a 15% off discount. The nice thing about this option is the money that you put towards your monthly rate is directly applied to whatever service that you receive the next time you’re in our clinic. We are also able to bundle certain services and offer them at a discounted rate. This is beneficial for people who are wanting a handful of different things performed each time so that they do not have to pay full price for each one of these but are able to pay a smaller fee to receive all services.

Here at Revitalize we take pride in what we do and expect each of our clients to leave here more than satisfied. During the whole transformation we are keeping open communication with you about any changes that you would like, updated prices, or changes to the final result. We hope to make each client follow us comfortable As possible and to help with this we provide a little bit of background of each one of our employees on our website so that you are able to get to know us before you even step foot through our door.

For more information about our current specials, monthly memberships, prices, available services, location and hours and much more please visit our website at On our website you will also be able to review before and after pictures of client services and even review testimonies from clients who are enrolled in our payment plans. Or give us a call at 918-221-7121 if you have any additional questions we’re ready to schedule your first appointment, we can’t wait to see you!

Tulsa Face Tightening Laser | Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures

Revitalize Medical Spa takes pride in each service that they provide for each one of our clients and each one of our locations including Tulsa face tightening laser treatments. We also offer a large variety of cosmetic procedures from lash and brow tints, IV hydration and even Botox treatments. One thing that we strive to do here is provide convenient, affordable and amazing services to everyone that walks through a door and help them achieve their overall desired looks. We do this by employing individuals with years of experience who enjoy helping people reach their maximum level of confidence.

Besides our Tulsa face tightening laser treatments we also provide a decent amount of Other laser treatments. Some of these include deep resurfacing lasers, thermal tightening laser treatments, Brown and red spot removal treatments, and even spider vein removal treatments. all of these treatments are available at all of our locations and broken arrow, tulsa, and I’m also colorado.

Another way that we help provide convenient Services is by offering membership plans. Both of our memberships cover all of our services, even our Tulsa face tightening laser treatments. Another convenient service that we provide is our partnership with the company cherry. Cherry is a payment plan opportunity so that our customers are able to make smaller payments on their services rather than be stressed with the full amount on the day of the service. We have many satisfied customers who have used this in the past as well as currently use this and all of them say that the application process was quick and easy, there were no hard credit checks, multiple flexible payment options and even a high approval rate. Some of our client reviews for the service are listed on our website so that you are able to see first hand how helpful this may be.

Revitalize is here to help you gain your confidence back or boost results when working out and dieting is not cutting it. With our large list of services available as well as their multiple different locations, and even our payment plan options our goal is to help each and every person feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. During your consultation, which is free for your first visit, we will discuss expected results from the client as well as the provider, price range, and build a relationship between our clients so that they feel comfortable throughout the whole entire process while keeping open communication.

If you would like to review more information about any of our clinics, our staff members, the services we provide or anything else you can think of visit our website at You can also give us a call at 918-221-7172 so that we can answer any other questions or concerns that you may have. give us a call and we can schedule your first free consultation at any of our clinics that is convenient to your location.